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How's everyone doing?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
How is everyone? How you feeling? what you up to?

The rain has hit Wales and we're stuck indoors! lol makes a change I guess. :)

I have college work to do, so need to get onto that :)
Finished my work for my client yesterday :)

Have been having a nosey at maternity pay for self employed individuals and well it's not very clear if they'll count fostering but I sure as hell hope they do or I'll be looking for a job in the meantime to try and claw back the right to some maternity pay!

Personally, am STARVING all the time at the moment but am feeling fine :) a little nausea the other day but that's it. Tiredness has moved from 2pm to 4pm now! lol I'm ready for bed at 4pm but then manage to stay awake and am wide awake till around 1am!! :sigh: can't win can we! :p
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hi there, all is fine here.

don't really feel pregnant compared to the first trimester, except peeing all the time and finding myself dropping off when not expecting it (i.e just work up from an unintended hour's nap!)

bump is really coming on now, as well as boob growth, my sister came round yesterday to celebrate 1st day of next trimester (bless her she brought cake) and she hasn't seen me for about 10 days and did a double take at my erm 'assets'. Also went to sainsbury's today and got a couple of nice baby doll tops that flatter bump. Have also been on the net looking for 'bump huggers' and jean extenders in the attempt to still be able to wear some of my previous clothes. Have also looked at belly bras today but I think that I will need to see how big I am nearer the last trimester....only 12 weeks til that point, blimey it's going fairly quick now. Am going for my next scan on the 9th, when I will be 13&4 days babs should be big enough to see quite a lot and hopefully movement and stuff. At the last scan babs just looked like a jelly bean =)

anyway that's me, apart from eating like a horse and having more sweets than I should I think I am doing okay, how is everyone else?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
All really great then! :D How lovely your sister celebrated with you! :D Sounds like a cause for celebration for us next week! lol any excuse! :) might take hubby out to lunch or something - we go to lunch when the girls are at school rather than go out at night! lol

What are bump huggers? The bands?
I am needing to 'retire' a few t-shirts of mine, I have one on today and I look fat in it now.. :( will put it away after it's washed for sure.

Time really does go fast now doesn't it, when you think how impatient we were at the start.. well I was! lol when I was 4 weeks I was desperate to be 12 weeks - now I'm about to hit it I can't believe 8 weeks have gone already! lol
bump hugger

I stumbled across this when looking up maternity stuff on amazon...they seem to sell only the size 12 version, but you can get them on other sites. It's basically a long stretchy cotton/lycra tube of patterned cloth. You are supposed to be able to wear your previous skirts/jeans unbuttoned and the tube has enough elastic to keep em up! that and it covers bump up so you can wear your regular tops without showing aches of flesh.

I am thinking about it. At the mo I am able to get away with most of my previous clothes and a few cheap babydoll/biased tops from the supermarket

I know what you mean about being impatient in the beginning, I was counting everyday! and there I am yesterday not remembering till late yesterday that I was into the next trimester. I think I am starting to realise that the time will go quickly and I need to be grateful for that time to get some sleep and do those things that go out the window when you have a young baby. I am surprised how quickly my bump is growing though, I will be interested to see if the scan puts me further forward. Otherwise, I will mention it to my midwife and get her to check my blood sugars, am thirsty a lot of the time and weeing like my bladder is a sieve!

But like I said, so far everything is fine here, the winter seems to be back here in Cornwall too =) sitting here in a jumper and am thinking of going to make myself another hot water bottle. Suppose it means I won't have to water the garden tonight =)
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Had a good weekend. Stayed with my parents on fri nite. We had a bbq and it was lovely. Then had a trip to a museum on sat with DD and the girls brigade. Was shattered by home time. Met OH at the supermarket on the way home and we bought things for a bbq, so had another one last nite. Took DD to bed around 9 and fell asleep with her.

Spent all morning in bed today. Finally got up when OH and DD went to the shops. Then i spent all afternoon watching tv. It was great just doing nothing. OH and DD were out in the garden fixing his new shed. SO had peace n quiet.

Still feeling sick 24/7. Was out a walk on friday with OH and burped so loud and was sick everywhere. He nearly died cause he was walking in front of me at the time. Wish this would pass as its making me miserable being pregnant. and id love to enjoy it as its the last time ill be pregnant. But as i was sick right up until the end with the last one im not holding my breath!!

Did buy some top and tail body lotion lol dont want to tempt fate but wanted to get something in. so that was my big spend lol


Resident geek
Im hoping this little man won't keep me waiting around much longer.. lol..!!

They told me the sickness would stop eventually.. i still get it now.. lol!!

Everyone ok today?
x x
I feel not to bad today. Have the sicky feeling but fingers x its not as bad as it has been. Had some cereal. When i was feeling really sick over the weekend i checked my blood sugars n they were low. so im wondering if my sickness comes when there going low, so going to try n eat little n often see how i get on with that.

My DD is off on her school trip with the nursery, so i have a until 2.30 to myself today woo hoo. nothing exciting planned except catch up on big brother as i havent watched it yet and get the house in some sort of order. Quite fancy a prawn baguette too. so will take a walk to the shops in a wee while.

Hope everyone else is feeling good!!!
lol im off to get it now otherwise there will be none, and all they will have left is chicken...
OH finished work early. We drove 10 miles to get a prawn baguette lol But i enjoyed it. Then we went a lovely walk in the sun. Forgot to put my pedometer on so not sure how far we walked but walked for an hour n a half.
all this talk of food has got my taste buds going, gonna have a steak and mushroom pie with new potatoes...forgot to put on the veg, so am gonna have it with the salad I collected from garden yesterday


Resident geek
Feeling fine.. just tiiiiired..! i had a right good nap today.. lol.. brilliant excuse like being pregnant.. my OH waits on me hand and foot.. lol..
mmm.. steak and kidney pie eh? sounds lush..!!

Glad you got your prawn baguette.. i bet it was worth it..!! im not jealous at all.. lol..
x x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Are you overdue now Kitteh? will be lovely when baby arrives I'm sure :) Bet you are excited.. although I went 10 days over with my eldest and boy it was HARD!! lol

Have been eating and eating recently was surprised to weigh the same today but relieved! lol


Resident geek
yeah.. 4 days over today.. lazy child that i have..!! lol.. He wants to hurry up his bum!
I havnt put any weight on in this pregnancy so far.. which im quite chuffed with.. actually lost some.. but then i did have some to spare.. lol..!!
12 weeks today.. congrats!!
x x


Trainee Human On Board
I'm grumpy. I have a throat infection (something in my head saying strep+babies=bad?) and tomorrow I start a 2 day training course so will have to plod on.

I don't get infections generally cos of my lupus (hyperactive immune system) so I'm not a good ill person. I shall pi$$ and moan a LOT.

You have been warned.

My throat hurts :( can't have soothers cos of the sugar content. Can only have sugar free strepsils every 3 hours which sucks. I want cherry soothers. They are the only thing that make sore throats ok.

Moan moan moan.


Resident geek
aaw.. shel.. pregnancy seemed to make me susceptible to getting poorly.. had a ridiculous amount of ear infections and throat infections and stuff.. its so cruel.. :(..
x x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Aww shell I'm so sorry to hear your throat is so bad. Can you gargle salt water in between? I'm a firm believer in the powers of salt! ;) it tastes minging admittedly but really can work. ((hugs))
Shel hope you doing ok now, wishing you a speedy recovery

I've now have gestational diabetes and will find out tomorrow hope much insulin will have to take, also my BP up got got midwife tom too for that. She's thinking I've got to go in hosp, I hope not!!!! Had enough last time I was preg.
I'm now 32 wks got another scan next week to check growth. I've got too much fluid I didnt last time.

Will try and catch up as been too tired to concentrate to read the last week.

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