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Hubby and I have both cheated!!

It's been one of those days. Hubby had a training day at work today and there was a buffet laid on.... He didn't resist.

I met a friend for lunch. I did try and order my 790 meal. It was a minted chicken salad but when it came It was lovely but drenched in olive oil... It sounded so innocent on the menu too!

I think we were both a bit fed up tonight and ended up eating all sorts....I can't even admit to half of what we ate...we were very naughty!

Oh well...What's done is done and there's no way we're giving up. We'll just get back on track tomorrow.

The cheesecake was rather nice though...:eek:
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had to come in and check that u meant u had both cheated with food :p

well, at least u cheated properly. did it in grand style and made it worth it :D

good luck with getting back to keto tho :(
ohhh that is naughty. At least you are in the right frame of mind to get back onto it tomorrow.
lol.......Karen. It's just the food we're admitting to!!

I'm not really feeling guilty....It was just one of those things. Just felt I had to confess to you all!!

Bunnycd...Yep we still have determination. As hubby says we're in this for the long term and this was just one day.


Have a serene day!!
There must be something in the air, coz I cheated last night to.

But back on track today, and I will not do it again, want to be under 13st for my hospital appointment on 5th.

Put it behind you TM, you will sort it and get back on track you have done so well todate that you won't let yourself go down hill.

Hi Tiara, my internet has been down all week and have had a dodgy week too, so your thread has made me feel a lot better as its the first one I've read all week!! I to am not going to totally confess but its not been good!! I think my logic was in for a penny in for a pound!! But I'm back on track now and very determind and well done for confessing,

Nikki x
Don't worry Carolyn..I'm just so focused with this diet. There's no way I'm going to give up... We all have our weak moments though...Yesterday was one of mine. I think it's just that I'm feeling a little stressed just now.. A bit of comfort eating maybe. I'm over it now though and getting back on track.

Got on the scales this morning and I think(hope) I've gotten away with it. I'm still 1lb down from Tuesdays weigh in... I'm just wondering now whether my weight would have been down if it hadn't been for my little (lot of a) cheat. Oh well I won't dwell on it...Still focusing on the end goal.

Hope you're back on track too and behaving yourself!


Come on. What's done it done...Lets look ahead! Think of the slim you thats just round the corner and get excited about it....We can do this!!!


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