Huge weight gain over Christmas- help me get back on track!


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K it's that time of the year again. I have gained quite a bit this December- and despite having gained my 2 stone award in the 12 week to Christmas, I lost it quickly in the last 3 week of the challenge and I'm sure I have gained some more since being back home to my parents :(

I'm seriously embarrassed about going back to group again, and let alone that seeing everyone at work again, when my weight gain is so obvious! I am starting to find things being tight again.

Can anyone give me a good way to get back on track, especially considering I am back at home- so I am often not cooking for myself- eating my mom's home cooked meals etc... I don't want to lose just maintain last weeks weight.
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Just keep focussed and think about going back to group. Remember that there's no shame in a gain - on Tuesday's weigh in at my group, there were only 4 people who managed a maintain or a loss, and we're a fairly big group.

Have you tried talking to you mum about how slimming world works? I'm currently at home with the parents, and I admit, I'm lucky as Mum's done slimming world before so she knows what I can and can't have. However, we all know that a few small changes can make a meal easily 'okay' on slimming world.

Really, it's a case of getting your head back in the game and everything else will follow - if you can't get there over new years, don't panic! And don't beat yourself up, just remember that as soon as you start following plan again, the weight will all start coming off, and remember the gain probably isn't so huge - some of it will be water weight :)

Hope this helps!


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Search for a group local to yr parents and go now, don't leave it!
Plus then if u r a bit upset about a gain it's not yr normal group so the week after all u will b showing ye normal group is a huge loss again! :-D

It's hard when away, why not offer to cook for the family one day? That way u know it's all fine

Yr doing so well I'm sure u can get bk in the game!! /-) xx


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Refocus and restart! I have put on 9lb over xmas as its not on! Got our new and updates packs and books yesterday and thats signalled a new and fresh start for me to continue my weight loss!!!


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Why dont you join one of the teams on the team threads, sometimes doing it with other people on here can help you stay on track. Dont feel embrassed hun, its all a part of losing weight. It wont be long before you are back were you want to be x
Dont give up!! I gave up a couple of years ago and put loads back on, now Ive just rejoined and am starting again, but Ive learned not to let one set back put me off completely. Loads of support on here so stay strong xx