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hugely differing weights on the scales, help!


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hi ladies, how are you all?
today's a strange one, and i'm looking for you all to impart some wisdom on me!

well, 4 weeks has passed and i went back to the doc today for my follow-up appt, the gp i seen the last time is off today (getting married) so i seen someone else. i told her i've been weighing in weekly on the scales in my office (relatively new weight watchers ones) and according to them i'm rougly 6.5lb lighter, so she said to hop on the scales which i did.
NOW, the twist in the tale is this, when i started, the last gp weighed me in kilos, which was 106, and somewhere along the lines i've converted that wrongly and underestimated my weight to st and lb's as 16.5 rather than 16.10!
Doc weighed me today and said "wow" and that i'd lost loads, i said "oh well, half a stone is half a stone" she said no, its loads more than that, she had me down to 97kg, she then offered to weigh me on the scales of the doc who i went to last time as her room was free, and the reading from them is 98.5kg!! Confused yet???
SO, if thats the case, the scales in work are waaaay out, whch was what someone else in work said, and that means i've lost 17lbs???
which scales should i go with? i've not to go back to the docs for 2 months, and i cant wait that long to weigh in, really not sure what to do.
advice please, ladies? xxx
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Zoso, well done for your loss :)

The only thing i can think of is are the scales on flat tiled flooring....if they are on carpet they will give a false reading....when ever jumping on scales always look to see if they are at 0 if they are a dial type scale....if digital when the batteries are starting to go they can also give a bad reading....
I have a dial type scale in my kitchen which are in sync with the Drs scale (digital) .....when i get on my digital scale they say something different.....

I would personally get weighed in boots or another store....what you also have to remember is that if you have eaten then your weight will differ as the best time to weigh yourself is when you wake up...
I would also say measure yourself and see how your body is changing too :) xx


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thanks sharon,
i've just been on the phone to mum and she said similar! according to her i've to get to boots in the morning and weigh myself there and see how that differs from the docs. the docs scales are on a toled floor, as are the ones in work, though the work ones, i'm told differ depending on the battery power etc etc.
i'd not eaten this morning before i went (too busy arguing with my boyfriend!!) and i hadn't eaten when i went the first time to the docs either as it was an early morning appt too.

so, what weight do you think i should go with then, the one at the docs, and see how that compares to boots in the morning?
do you think i should forget the scales at work?

sounds silly, but i'm all over the place with this and want to get on an even keel so i can update my wee signature thing!!! x
I would replace the battery on the ones at work and see what they then say but make sure they are on a solid floor and not carpet !! If they differ a huge amount don't use them !!
When I go to the Dr's I don't eat or drink until I have been weighed....the same as what I do at home :)

I would be interested to see what the scales at boots say.....but only weigh yourself once a week ...I weigh myself on a Sunday then I have a fresh start to the week !!

Also I wouldn't stress out as its proven to halt weight loss......

On my fitness pal make your diary public to friends hun then if you have any problems I can help you :)

Have a great day hun xxx


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wish i'd weighed myself on the boots ones this morning now. oh well, tomorrow will have to do. i'm curious to see what they say, i'm sure i'll be disappointed, though in all, i'm still happy at the 6.5 i think i've lost! x
Its a fantastic start hun be proud of yourself :) xx


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hi all, hope you are all having a lovely saturday.
i weighed myself on the scales in boots today, and they show my weight as 99.5kg, or 15st 9lb. i'm going to stick with this one as i'm told they'll be much more reliable than the ones in work and i'm not going back to the doctors for 2 months, so if thats the case, instead of losing 6.5lbs, i've lost 1stone 1lb in my first month which i'm chuffed about.
also, in other news, got my prescription yesterday, and didn't realise all prescriptions are free in scotland from 1st April, so thats good too!
well, i shall leave you all to have a lovely weekend and get back under my covers, where i've been hiding all day since coming back from thee gym. (manflu :( )
ciao ladies xx
Hiya I also have the weight watchers scales and they are rubbish. U can step on them two seconds later and say uv gained 5lbs lol.. Well done with ur loss xxx
WELL DONE Zoso fantastic news :)
i agree with the boots scales, i tend to get weighed on a monday morning before i start work for several reasons

* i have my work uniform on so always wearing the same
* it's usually the same time of day give or take 10 minutes
* the scales havent been moved anywhere due to them been much too heavy lol
* they have a body fat monitor on them too which i use once a week to measure my body fat levels which can give a boost even if weight not changed much


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well, i forgot to weigh myself in boots this morning, i was running late for work and harrassed as usual!
gonna wait until next monday then weigh in every monday x

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
well done hun ...whatever you've lost :confused:is great :D

so pleased for you ;)

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