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I'm sure that I noticed somewhere in this months Slimming World magazine there is a recipe for houmous using dried and cooked chickpeas which is free.It caught my eye as it's one of my favourite foods and I'd love to make some if it's free. I've only had a quick flick through though at the moment. Will have a proper look tomorrow.


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S: 19st11lb C: 17st6lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 2st5lb(11.91%)
Ooops I think that was what i was thinking of and not houmous! lol. Still basically the same principle of blending them up though and they endorse it in their magazine so must be fine.
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Humous also contains tahini and olive oil (if it is a bought one)
but you can make your own with no oil I still use the tahini as it is made from sesame seeds so contains a lot of calcuim

I use one tin chickpeas
one clove garlic
juice of a lemon
one tablesp tahini
zest of some of the lemon
you can also add some roasted peppers or aubergine or a handful of corriander

put everything into a food processor and blend - if too thick add more lemon juice or water for the correct consistency

cant remember the syns in tahini - but that amount is more than one portion
A friend of mine makes it with a tin of chickpeas and some sweet chilli sauce - odd, but delicious. I think it was a SW recipe, but I can't remember the correct proportions - next time I see her I will ask her.


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Sorry but houmous is not a HEB on a red day although you can have 57g of RF houmous as a HEB on green or EE.
Here's a recipe from SW website sounds yummy & could easily be adapted, caramalised onions, sweet chilli, pesto etc
Free on Green & EE
1 red pepper, deseeded and sliced
Fry Light
400g can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
20-50ml water
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 tbsp lemon juice
Salt to taste
Place the sliced red pepper on a baking tray sprayed with Fry Light and roast until softened.
Once the pepper is cooked and cooled, place all the ingredients in a food processor and blend, adding more water if necessary to create a smooth paste.
Add salt to taste and serve with chopped up carrot batons or any of your favourite Free vegetable sticks!


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I make my hummous with chick peas, lemon, garlic and quark instead of tahini. Just blend everything together and blitz.
Just as yummy and totally free on green


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I love hummus! I make mine like this;

1 can chickpeas
sprinkling of garlic granules
lemon juice
Heaped tbsp plain yogurt
1 scant tsp honey
Salt & pepper

throw everything in a bowl and blend with a handheld blender or food processor! Yum :D

I like the idea of adding roasted red pepper to it, sounds lush

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