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Extra Easy Days hungary!

Hiya, this is my 5th day on slimming world. I've have done this diet before then stopped last September when I went on holiday so now I've started again and feel alot better for it after putting 1 stone back on. But I feel like I'm constantly starving!! I'm drinking plenty and filling up on lots of free/superfree foods, I've used my daily syns and ate healthy slimming world meal all day so can't understand why I'm still hangary??!
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Try making yourself a big pan of free soup. I find that if I am hungry and have a cup or a bowl full of hot soup it fills me.

Options chocolate drinks do the same for me too. It satisfies any sweet cravings and also kills the hunger pains.
Emily_2011 said:
I also have a really bad cold.. Could that be anything to do with why I'm so Hungary?

I always feel sorry for myself when I have a cold or pmt for that matter!
I want chocolate and roast potatoes and comfort grub!
Stay with it. Fill up on fruit and yogurts or homemade comforting soup if you can br bothered!!
Thank u for the advice! Yes iam craving some chocolate- even tho I can't taste a thing! I just feel like my stomach is constantly Hungary! I've ate loads of fruit and ate 2 mulliee lights but still want more?? That's good idea about the soup tho to have in the fridge, easy to heat up aswel. Any ideas for low syn 'sweet' treats?
I always have mini treats in.
Ie mini crunchies yum
Also I always hsve curly wurlys in.
I also love frozen fruit as it takes a While to nibble on. Fave is frozen raspberries with ff natural yogurt and a drizzle of honey!!!! Bliss!!!!!!
Get some mug shots. They're not ideal to have everyday but very comforting and yummy.
Alternatively go have a bath and or read a book and take your mind of food. Sometimes it's mind over matter.
Just think how great you'll feel tomorrow when you've been good!!!!!!! X
Yes I think I need to get some mini treats in, think because I've taken my usual crisps, chocolate etc away I'm wanting it more. It's making me realise how much I did actually snack on chocolate without even thinking about it. I'm trying to take my mind off it just had a big drink so thts filled me up abit, maybe in just so Hungary because I'm ill? Somebody also mentioned my body may have gone into ketosis? Not sure what that means and felt silly asking?
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hi hun r u busy through the day cause i found i was feeling hungry but knew i shouldn't be as i had eaten well through the day i think mine was boredom hunger so find if i keep myself occupied i am ok good luck x
I haven't been busy today just at home with my little boy, so it could be that. I'm
Back at work 2moro so fingers crossed I'm feeling better and not Hungary! Keep doing lots of jobs round the house but can't take my mind off food, never ever been like this before :( x
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Sometimes it can be psychological...we spend so long scoffing rubbish that it becomes a habit that's hard to break. Ride it our for a few days and your appetite (your real one and the one in your head!) will naturally decrease.


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You'd only be likely to have gone into ketosis if you have suddenly started to follow a very low carbohydrate diet. I think this is unlikely if you're doing SW!

It's most likely your mind rebelling against you - I echo busybee123, do something not related to food to take your mind off it!!
The only thing what made me think it may be ketosis is I usually live off lots of bread, potatoes... Lots of carbs so I thought it maybe because I've cut down lots. Or maybe ur right it's in my head and I'm used to being greedy on rubbish food! x
Ketosis is after about 48 hours of carbs less than 20g a day views are mixed as to whether it's safe or not. I did veggie low carb and ate no more than 20g for ages but not a sustainable way of eating really - although berries and double cream was nice!!! I really craved for a few days but thats normal I think for a big adjustment. I'm day 2 SW and really craving but have just had 1 thorntons chocolate so I don't feel deprived!!
Woke up this morning with a totally different attitude to sw! Treated myself to cheese on toast and a skinny mocha - 4 syns. I'm also going running tonight and hopefully not going to have lots of craving like yesterday and be starving all day! I have cut out lots of carbs! I feel normal again having cheese on toast!
S: 15st5lb C: 14st11lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 31.5 Loss: 0st8lb(3.72%)
hi emily theres nothing worse than feeling hungry all day and nothing u eat fills u up :eek: glad u feel better today xx

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