Hunger on 810?

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  1. Sunflowers

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    I moved up to the 810 plan on sunday, I poas this morning and I'm definitely out of ketosis now.. I'm starving though - is this because of the lack of ketosis? I've not really been hungry while on SS+ - I've had the odd moment but it's passed when I've drunk a glass of water, this isn't though.. Does it get easier? It's going to be a very long 2 weeks if so!!
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    You could swop your milk for 0% fat free Greek Yoghurt which means you can eat something. Bit more satisfying. Drink loads of mint tea to get you through. Up your water to 3-4litres to keep you full. Split your main 810 protein based meal in half so you're spreading out your daily food. Try and get ketosis out of your head, it makes no diference to weightloss and you're almost telling yourself you'll be hungry because you're not in it. Also have a think about wether or not you are experiencing head hunger or real hunger.

    Good luck hun and keep on here as much as poss to get you through. You're doing fab x
  4. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    Thank you! The greek yogurt is a useful tip!

    I only tested to see if I was in ketosis as I have genuinely been hungry for the last couple of days! It's not head hunger as such!

    It's eased off anyway this afternoon so that's cool!
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    I started 810 on Saturday and am finding it really hard! I love the fact that I can eat a meal at night with my family, but I am incredibly hungry throughout the day. Also, my cravings for something sweet after dinner has come back with a vengeance and so I am keeping my 3rd shake / bar to have as a late night snack. I'm not sure if this is wise - maybe I'd be better off having it earlier in the day when I'm actually hungry rather than "feed my craving"...

    I have given in to my hunger twice so far this week, both times on the way home from work and both times I’ve eaten a handful of almonds. It has added quite a few calories to my day but I have reduced the food portion accordingly to keep to roughly 810 cals.

    The worst bit is that my weight has shot up. I've put on 3lbs since Saturday and I'm not sure whether it is because of 810 or time of the month. It's my first TOTM since week 1 of the diet and I'm suffering quite badly so hope the weight gain / bloatedness is to do with that rather than the move up to 810. I'm not looking forward to my weigh in on Saturday but I keep telling myself that I need to give it time to settle and that I will still be losing fat as my calorie intake is still low.

    I have a love / hate relationship with 810 at the moment ;):sigh:

    There are not really a lot of people posting about 810 - I certainly don't want to talk about food too much on here as it might upset SS people and the maintenance board is for 1000+ so feel a bit left out at the minute. Maybe an 810 support thread would be a good idea...
  6. Laura Croft

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    I'm on 810 and hang out in the 1000 - maintenance forum. You are welcome to come and play there. However lots of people do mention food in this section. You can always put a food mentioned warning, and there's also the SS100% bits.
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  7. KD

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    Yes, as Laura says, you'll be welcome on the 1000 up forum, or stay here and talk food. If there's no 810ers here, there's probably SS+ers that are eating similar foods.

    There's not a 'no food' talk rule here and if SSers really don't want to hear chat of it, there is always the Strictly SS forum they can hang out in :)
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