Hunger Pangs?


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Depiste having eaten loads today, I am starving (have been all day)....
It doesn't matter that I just ate, like, an hour ago, I'm hungry again (!)
Maybe I am not in ketosis anymore (if I ever was in the first place, since starting Dukan I haven't had any symptoms of ketosis), though I wouldn't know what has knocked me out of it, today I ate 56g of net carbs through veggies and eggs and the oatbran.

My calories for today was: 1165

Just looking for some insight.... Has this ever happened to any of you?
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Yep, quite normal. Don't deprive yourself of food, if you're hungry eat. Those particularly hungry ones are the days I usually lose a couple of pounds....


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and if you are hungry it can have something to do with your cycle too, I was reading about it on the site last night, in the last week before a period you can be hungry and irritable cos of the build up of oestrogen in your body.

If you are hungry, eat. Also make sure its not thirst as this can show the same symptoms.


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Are you drinking enough water? That will help fill you up as well.
Dont worry about the calories, so long as you are eating low fat and sticking to the permitted foods it is virtually impossible to over eat.


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S: 91.8kg C: 86.6kg G: 63.5kg BMI: 33 Loss: 5.2kg(5.68%)
drinking enough fluids, I won't say water as its different everyday!
I haven't had the terrible hunger pangs since that one time, I put it down to doing too much exercise that day.

Thanks for all the replies :D