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Yes I've tried them and they are much, much more filling than the snacks. I've also tried the breakfast cereal, but not so impressed. Sainsbury's is the only place I've seen them. Do you know if they are trialing them anywhere else?
I saw them in Tesco, but only in the bargain section - I haven't seen them anywhere else yet but was wondering if it would be worth tracking them down.


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Tried one mid morning, I had the strawberry one, they taste nice and fill the hole but at £2.99 for 4 i think they are a bit expensive. Have only seen them in Tescos so far.
Pretty sure we were talking about the Hunger Shots near the end of March so people can look back in the old thread (probably around pages 10-11 I would guess).

Think Tescos have them. I've not tried them and probably won't bother. I have so much choice anyway and would rather snack on fruit than more shakes.

I think Ugg tried them but as I say look back in the old thread as I'm sure they were mentioned. I think the overall feedback was that they were expensive but taste nice and ok for a change but not on a daily basis.

Hope that helps x


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I got them in Tesco's when they were on offer (2 for 1) and they were surprisingly filling


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I see that tescos are doing their own version now. Cheaper, but I wonder if they will work so well. I noticed that the fibre in the hungershots is something like 6g:eek: The tesco one was only 1g.

How slimfast managed to get 6g of fibre into such a little bottle and yet not make it taste 'fibrous' goodness only knows:confused:

Expensive, yes, but I guess that's probably because of the research etc that goes into bringing out a new idea. Too expensive for me though.


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Just to add that I've seen these in Somerfield and Asda too..

I'm on LT but my Mum is doing Slim Fast and she got 3 packs of 4 (so 12) Hunger Shots in the vanilla flavour for £1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Heron Frozen Foods, they are a bargain frozen food store in town centres

The sell by was 14th June, maybe look in there!
Bought some from Morrisons today but haven't tried them yet. They were in the yoghurt cabinet near the Yakult/bifidus digestivum gubbins.
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Tried one for the first time yesterday. It worked, but there wasn't much in the bottle, I drank it down in one gulp! At £2.99/4 I'd expect them to last a bit longer! It filled me up for a while though, but then so does a glass of diet Coke. Won't bother buying them again.


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I also got 16 shakes for £2 from Heron. I didn't think they did much but tasted nice.