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Hungry, annoyed and on the verge of quitting.

Hi everyone, I have just come on here for a little vent really! Feeling very disappointed about my weigh in on Friday as I had only lost 4lbs. For some reason my first week was only 5 days so that might have something to do with it, but still, 4lbs doesnt feel like an awful lot after near starvation!!

Also, I know I probably shouldnt, but I have been weighing myself almost religiously, and the results vary to say the least, from yesterday morning to yesterday night my scales said I'd put on 4lbs and then this morning apparently I'd lost 6lbs over night?? Maybe I just have dodgy scales??

Really considering stopping this diet next Friday, depending on the weigh in, I think I'd rather eat healthily and lose weight a tiny bit slower than eat nothing and not lose a lot of weight!

Ok, rant over... sorry all!

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hiya hun no probs come on here and vent away now 4lbs is a great loss even more so as you WI after 5 days

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away from your scales they will be completely different to the chemist and as shown will giv different readings your weight can fluctuate quite dramatically thru the day due to water retention this is why its best to stick to one WI a week

With regards to coming of LT can I suggest you hang in tere till your next official wi check the results and have a chat with the chemist it is a very hard diet but the results are really woth it

all the best let us know what you decide to do
I agree with the above post stay off the scales....I know its really hard for you just now but hang on in there and it will get better.....(((hugs)))...xx
thank you ladies! I will definitely wait until next weigh in, im just feeling that there's not a lot of point in doing this anymore! I will let you know what the result is on Friday! I hope it's good! :)

Thank you for your support x


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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! what are you doing?
GET RID OF YOUR SCALES!! do not weigh yourself at all!! Only rely on the scales at your pharmacy!!!!!!

And losing 4lbs is great! :) are you waiting a whole week for your 2nd weigh in? i am sure you are going to have another great loss! Just dont give up ... this diet works - ok its hard but effective :)

Good luck honey x
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see ur havin probs hun, hope u get on ok, i had to quit LT as i was really ill on it thats why iv not been on ere in days, keep intouch thou, like u said if its not workin maybe u should eat properly and loose weight that way! Lemme know how ur gettin on!
Iv joined weight watchers so hopefully i will get there eventually although i know it will take longer! Take care hun xx


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I confess to weighing at home but I've learned to take no notice (so don't know why I still do it really :)) the weights vary sooooooo much it's crazy. Much better to just have your official weigh-in if you possibly can!

What sticks out to me from your original post is your comment about 'near starvation' - do you really feel that you are on a starvation diet? If you do then perhaps you're right about an eating plan being better for you.

You're NOT starving, you are giving your body everything it needs nutritionally (assuming you're not missing shakes out) so you can't be. If you're hungry - that's not right you shouldn't be by now. If it's that you're just missing food - that's a mind set, you can choose to change it or change plans to one you're happier with.

Best of luck whatever you decide :) xx
Right, my scales mean nothing to me now! :) I'm just going to see what happens on Friday, I can't believe how hungry I am?? I thought this was supposed to stop after a few days? haha! And I havent cheated once!! Thank you Summergirl :)

Really sorry to hear that you've not been well on this Laura! I hope weight watchers works out for you! Keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on! I think any diet just requires will power, it's just harder when you're not seeing the sort of results you're expecting!

I hope I'm strong enough to stay on this diet because it really does seem to work amazingly well for some people! But like you Laura, if I feel it's not doing me any good I think I'm just going to have to lose the weight the slow way!! xx
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stick with it as its the best diet you will do in my opinion as its supper effective


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stick with it as its the best diet you will do in my opinion as its supper effective
I second that! :)

You should me fine then honey - dont worry about them silly ketostix and just wait for your weigh in - thatll be the true results :D
Thank you Jan! I really am hungry! And I'm fairly sure I'm doing this diet right?? I'll stick with it and see what the pharmacist says on Friday! I think ignoring my scales might be the way forward! And I really will try and change my thinking if this is just me missing food! Thank you again xx


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It must be really hard if you ARE hungry - I can only recomend extra water glugging ....... sorry xx
Stick with it, I agree its the best diet going. Are you drinking at least 3 litres of water every day? Also try splitting your shakes if you are feeling hungry, have 6 half shakes instead of 3 full ones. Also try a hot cuppa tea, coffee or even hot water to curb a hungry appetite too.

As for weighing yourself, if you cant avoid it (like me) just weigh at the same time each day. I weigh first thing every morning after my first pee of the day and the scales have never gone higher than the day before. Always stay the same or loss. If you weigh in the morning getting out of bed, of course the scales are going to show a heavier weight later on in the day because you have taken in water, shakes, teas, coffees etc, so stick to first thing in the morning (if you cant stop it all together).

You will be surprised on your next weigh in, and dont forget your first weigh in was only after 5 days, so 4lbs is a good loss.

Good luck.


maintaining since June'09
S: 15st9.5lb C: 10st13.6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 4st9.9lb(30.02%)
Sound advice from kered ....... just in case it was to happen to you though I feel as though I should say that I HAVE actually weighed heavier in the morning than on previous days at the same time. Probably to do with water (even tho' have always peed) or bowels or something but it has happened.

Really better to resist if you possibly can xx


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Just a thought hun,but my weight loss always comes at the end of the week so maybe yours does too. I can stay the same for days. :D
everyone loses differently so if you stick with it I'm sure next wi will be great, and if its another 4lbs then thats over half a stone. :D


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Two things
1) I agree with Kay, my loss comes at the end of the week too.
2) Are you nuts???? 4lb loss in 5 days? It is almost a pound a day??? The first 3 or 4 days you were only getting into keytosis and you weren't burning fat till then. You have to give this diet a chance. You haven't even given it a week!

Wait till next Fri and I promise you will be pleased. Hang in there.
Hi darl
Sorry you are feeling so hungry
Next time you feel hungry go and drink a glass of water
I was starving the first 2 weeks on this diet but have found that drinking the water takes the hunger away
Good luck xxx
Hi everyone! Just saying thank you to you all for your support and hints and things! Just had week two wi and I have lost 9 lbs! :) Much happier this week!! Thank you! xx


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hahaha, I bet you're happier now! great loss and hopefully great motivation too :)

well done

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