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Hungry Hungry hungry


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last few days i just can't help but keep snacking! i've tried to be good and have an apple or two, then a 100 cal choc bar, then a 100 cal bag of snacks, and i am prob only (?) about 200-400 cals over. but i used to be fine, then had a bad few weeks and then was fine for 2 weeks now am back to the bad bit again.
dunno why i'm writing this cos i am not going to magically not want to snack. i am not even hungry. i need to stop buying snacky food.
will go for a run and go swimming this eve. was away last weekend and need to have lost a few more lbs (since 2 weeks ago) before i go see doc tomorrow. am away this weekend too, grrrrr there's no light!
there's no going back. i'll just be good for rest of the day and tomorrow and as good as i can for the weekend then next week's a new week.
i think its partly to do with the fact the whole way along i have always been losing weight but now i feel like i'm not.
tomorrow we'll find out....
am trying to justify it to myself that cos i am excersing i need more food, but on slim fast you are meant to exercise right?
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Hiya, poor you its horrible when you feel like that, i have been losing without exercising i have been on almost every diet and lost without exercise its the sticking to it i have problems with,like you i want to eat even when im not hungry god knows why habbit i suppose and the fact you know you cant have it, i have to say though when i have exercised i do lose more but then if your only going over by that amount try burning that off in exercise and im sure you will still see a loss at the end of each week. dont let it stop the dieting as you will feel even worse then. xxx


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Thanks netuk,
I've just been on 'my fitness pal' and its great! thanks to who ever had that in their signature!
you can plug in exercise and everything that you eat, i think if i do that throughout the day it will put me off snacking on anything else. i hope!
Hey Lili Im completely understanding! I have been really hungry this past week! Also been really naughty and I think now Ive been naughty my head keeps saying one more wont make a differece....I have to remember YES IT DOES! I found not taking my purse to work and only taking 2 snacks and a shake to work helped today. Also my OH is off so he is making dinner for when I get home so I wont need to step into the kitchen.


in my dreams!!!!!!
hi lilli, it is so hard when you feel like this, i blame it on the weather, when its cold i eat, when its hot i also eat :8855:

but looking at your loss, its fab, you've done so well :worthy:i only wish i had half as much of your will power so don't give in now when you're so close. just put the bad days behind you and imagine how great you'll feel to get back on track.

sending you lots of hugs to cheer you up cos you're feeling blue :gen126::gen126::gen126::gen126: x


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Thanks so much! I feel so much better, just to know i'm not alone.. positive thoughts.
we'll all pull thru and get to our goal in the end.


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You know.. I find that I continuously snack if I'm really bored. Sometimes actually finding something else to do will take your mind off of food and on something you enjoy. :)


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