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  1. yoyo-girl

    yoyo-girl Member

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum having only just discovered it! I have found it very encouraging reading your posts on Exante. I am new to VLCD and am currently on my 5th day of Exante T/S (3 packs a day) and I have to admit I am feeling quite hungry especially in the evenings. Any tips as I don't want to end up scoffing something I shouldn't and falling off the diet wagon (for the hundredth time)! Also, do you think the fact that I am hungry means I am not in Ketosis yet? I have been quite cold, and my mouth tastes like something died in there! Also had some lightheadedness too, but have to admit i did eat a small oatcake yesterday, and one today as I was so hungry - has this been my downfall?

    Thanks xx

    PS can someone tell me how to change my stats on the left, as I'm not 4ft10 I made a mistake!
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  3. Aimee

    Aimee hiya!

    Hey welcome! I'm also new here and still finding my way round. Good luck with everything! x
  4. yorkiegal

    yorkiegal Member

    Hi and welcome. I'm new to exante but I did do a few weeks on lighterlife previously. The first week is the most difficult. Sounds to me like you're into ketosis if you're feeling cold and your mouth is yucky. The evenings were the hardest for me too at first because that was the time I would normally eat a lot. Try increasing your water intake on an evening or maybe having some herbal tea (but only from the leaf not fruit). I'm saving half of one of my bars to the evening too so I have something to chew on, and that helps a lot. It's probably emotional hunger more than physical hunger.
  5. nellie

    nellie Member

    Hi Yoyo. Stick in there! Sound like your in ketosis.. but the lightheadness and hungry will go. Im on 5th day too on Cd and i just started feeling crazy good. You might just be a few hours off. Distract yourself and i found green tea helps heaps. Good luck!
  6. bexster1974

    bexster1974 Silver Member


    The hunger will pass and you will do great! Try going for a walk or bike ride (thats what I intend to do)! Black coffee also fills me up and takes away the hunger pains if you like black coffee and also you could split your packs, make up half a shake or soup or split your bar and have that in the evening (the soups and shakes are so thick that I find it better splitting them expecially the soup).

    Hope this helps good luck x
  7. yoyo-girl

    yoyo-girl Member

    Thanks for your support everyone. I am feeling a bit better today, but as someone else pointed out evenings seem to be the worst for me as I guess this is when I did most of my eating. I don't think it could have been entirely emotional hunger as my stomach was making all kinds of rumbley noises - even my boyfriend heard it and commented that I was obviously hungry (which I was trying not to admit to him as he doesn't want me do a VLCD). I guess I'll try splitting my bar or soup tonight, plus upping my water see if it helps. Also tomorrow is first weigh-in, if I have a good result maybe that will keep me on the straight and narrow!

    Thanks again and good luck to all the other newbies

  8. bexster1974

    bexster1974 Silver Member

    My OH doesnt want me doing this or a VLCD either and I tend to do the same (try and hide how im feeling) but the belly rumbles are a dead give away!

    Good luck on your weigh in you will do great x
  9. flumpy

    flumpy Full Member

    Hi yo-yo you could also have an extra pack if you are really hungry. Dont think I could cope on 3! x
  10. Sugashaker

    Sugashaker Full Member

    Hi All, welcome to the forum, best of luck to you all. I am in my 5th week on Exante TS and trust me the hunger goes and the cravings too and the weight loss is worth it. Take care Emily xxx
  11. Naturalblue

    Naturalblue Just keep swimming

    Hi all....I agree with Sugasaker and Bex....splitting packs help as does lots of water too. For some reasn my tum gets very grumbly in the evening.....I don't think it's hunger though.........I tend to sound like a growly teddy bear LOL. Try and get the OH on board, it really helps and believe me they will love the results. My OH was unsure initially especially as he's seen me go through other weight loss programmes over the years, but now the weight is coming off he's really good. He's trying to lose weight as well but won't join me on exante. My sister has though........another new recruit.
  12. yoyo-girl

    yoyo-girl Member

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to thank you all again for your support and advice. I have to admit I am finding this diet quite difficult (food never seemed so appealing!) but I really want to proceed and lose more weight so am soldiering on and I'm sure it will get easier. I thought I'd let you know that I have lost 8lb in my first week and am of course delighted with this -makes it all worthwhile. I hope it helps inspire anyone else who is struggling with their first week.

  13. Isha

    Isha Full Member

    8lbs in your first week - that's amazing!! Well done you!

    I'm sure this has given you the motivation you need for the second week. Stick with it and you can look forward to consistent losses each week. Good luck!
  14. bexster1974

    bexster1974 Silver Member

    Wow well done on your 8lbs loss thats brilliant keep up the good work x
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