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Hungry on SW?

Week 2 on EE for me, and I'm finding it very difficult. They say "eat til your full" but as 1/3rd of your plate has to be fruit/veg, that naturally limits the amount of meat/potato/pasta you can have, and even though I'm snacking on loads of fruit throughout the day I'm still feeling hungry. Thought I wasn't meant to?

I've also been - out of interest - counting calories of things I'm eating. This is what I don't understand - today I have had just 1 syn, and definitely 1/3rd of my plate was superfree at dinner and lots of fruit throughout the day too so on SW that is a really good day - but according to the calorie counter I've had over what I need to have to lose 2lbs a week. And on SW I'm now allowed to eat more lean meat, pasta etc but that would take me way over my daily calorie allowance, so how does that work?

Any ideas - I have a lot to lose and I really want this to work but I just don't understand it at the moment.
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Just doing it this time
Hi ya.

I don;'t know what to say about this one - maybe it's the balance of foods that help to counteract the other foods - if you know what I mean.

I was eating 3 mullers per day and loads of food - as I stick to red days again now - and I would have thought that my calorie count would have been over what I should have yet have lost nearly 1.5 stones in 10 weeks ! Maybe IF I didn't have the 3 mullers and all those FREE foods I would have lost more weight.

Good luck on your weigh in's - hope you are very pleasantly surprised.

SW doesnt really mix with calorie counting. How SW works is a mystery to me BUT it DOES. Stick to plan and it will work.
Maybe give RED or GREEN a go if your feeling hungry on EE. ( i am old school so dont really get EE, always understood RED/GREEN) I am s veggie anyway so do green 100%. I am NEVER hungry. ( well i am, but i eat when hungry) I have a lot of pasta, potatoes and quorn
here is my thread with my weekly meals http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/165322-weekly-meal-ideas.html might give you some ideas
I am still amazed at how extra easy works???? i think its just a load of natural foods, and anything processed apart from meat is a syn! oh and alcohol!, having a vod and diet coke now, but i have found, minimising syns through the week and sticking to the foods i am aloud, i have still lost 9 pounds in nearly 3 weeks! first week i was starving hungry though, but i am definately getting used to it, not used to not feeling hungry if dieting i suppose!!!
You don't have to restrict your snacks to fruit - I usually have a Fibre plus bar mid-morning and something 'synful' in the evening. You've got 15 syns, so use them, specially as you say you've got a lot to lose.

I have no idea how EE works but it does work! I've lost 2 stone in the past year, which is more than I've managed on any other diet or eating plan.

Have you read Capricorn's diary? She has some great ideas on there so I recommend it if you haven't read it.

Good luck xx

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