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Hungry today...


I've had this a few times and no idea where its came from.

I really have no help to offer other than hang in there and don't give into it!


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ive been the same tilly :( i just keep myself busy and try to avoid seeing my partner eating lol xx


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon ..
Its hard when you get days like that.. I have had a few of those.. just keep busy..... well we are chatting on fb anyway.. lol
its weird some days we are fine and others we are hungry.. but still in ketosis ..
Hang in there your doing fab x


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It's strange, isn't it, how it just creeps up on you! Well done for kicking it into touch and not giving in :)
Hi there
ive just finished my first week (only getting weight every 2 weeks so no idea how i've done apart from a work collegue who doesnt know im dieting asked if i'd lost weight as my face looked thinner!!! - SHOCK!! in a nice way)
Anyway ive been feeling hungry today - but whats bizzare is where i'd be thinking of pizze, chinese, kebab, indians etc i'm thinking of chicken breast, tuna, broccoli!! how mad is that please!! i must be in the zone or loosing my mind.
finding the diet itself nice and easy (for now anyway) and hoping my collegues comments ring true. havent cheated so the scales shouldnt lie. Roll on next Wednesday


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Yes me too, i get it from time to time, but to to the back of of my mind, well i try to my tummy really does have the rumbles - GET AWAY, water and more water to get rid, does help a little.


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I have at least one day every week when I feel like that. This week has been quite difficult, I was hungry on Monday and Tuesday. Today I'm ok, but could still eat something. It's funny isn't it how we can manage the water some days, others its harder, we don't feel hungry one day, the next we do. I am very happy with my CDC the only thing which annoys me a little bit is she says to me "Miriam, you are always the only one of my clients who says they are hungry on this diet" - sorry, but I am!!!!
Thx girls. I know I won't cheat....
its just an unpleasant feeling making me feel grumpy....

I still need to get my water levels back up...
Maybe that isnt helping...


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