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Cruise PV Husband not happy about Dukan.

My husband is generally very supportive of my dieting but he is very unhappy about Dukan. He feels that I was losing with sw and that this,diet,is too restrictive.

I am on maternity leave so money is tight and the cost of cooking seprate meals is too much. We all ate the same on sw.

He doesn't think I will lose any faster with dukan although he sees the sense in the consolidation phase.

What do you guys think?
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I think if we all thought we'd have the same results with the consolidation phase, we'd all be doing it
This diet needn't be expensive (see separate threads) and you really don't need to cook separate meals for you and your family. I cook the same for my family only with veg and starch for them and an extra (or serving of protein for me).
At the end of the day you are the only one that can decide if this diet is right for you in every aspect. If it's causing you stress in any way you have to question whether the benefits outweigh the pain. Remember, there are other ways of losing weight, you have to find what suits you.

Thank you. I meant that he thinks I should follow the consolidation phase however I lose weight.

What kind of weekly weight loss do you guys have w with cruise?
I was averaging around 2lbs a week until recently, it's now gone up to about 4lbs. I have the American kindle version which is not as strict as the UK book. The members on here helped me and my weight loss increased.



Just keep swimming...
I couldn't do this diet long term if I had to cook separate meals for me and the family. Once you start cooking just one meal but missing out the carbs in yours, you are bound to save a bit of money.

And, I guess it is restrictive, but only really for the cruise stage, which isn't that long for either of us. After that there is definitely more choice.

Is easy for me to say though as my dh couldn't care less what I eat as long as he is fed!! :rolleyes: As locket said, you have to do what is best for you in the long term. If you decide to change diets though I for one will miss you :sad0071:
Can I ask how fast/much you were losing with SW, how much it cost in fees etc, and how happy/hungry you felt while doing it.

The success of the diet is not just how fast you lose but how much you enjoy it - you are far more likely to see through, finish and consolidate a diet that makes you happy than one that makes of hungry and anxious, and forces you to micromanage food.

Also - your husband's comments on conso make no sense at all.
Conso is Dukan plus a little bit of extra starch and one fun meal a week.

In practise it would be just as restrictive, just as expensive as cruise is.

It's up to you - but you have the same BMI I had 6 months ago, I had been on ww for 2 years without long term success, and I knew that my health and future was under real threat if it couldn't find a way to reduce it and keep it at a healthy level longer term.

Whatever you chose to do, be firm and calmly let your husband know that it is your body, your health, and ultimately it has to be your decision.
Some very valid points raised about the cost of classes etc. Also what are you saving by not buying convenience foods, take aways etc....this all has to be taken into account.
My weekly shop has gone up but we have savings in other areas but most importantly I'm happy. I don't think a price can be put on that.
I know it can be difficuly to balance when costs are esculating at the moment but as others have said it can be done on a budget.

Explain to your hubbie what this means to you.....how successful was SW for you? Im presuming not enough for you to venture onto Dukan.

Im lucky as hubbie following plan with me but still cook slightly different for my son ( to include veg every day and some form of carbs )

As for losses, they do vary but for most its 2lb a week, mine are around 3+ per week but I have more to lose.

Hope you make a decision your happy with not just because hubbie making it tough for you.

Thank you all so much.

I lost 1st 7lbs in 20 weeks with SW at £4.95 per week. I just felt that I wasn't getting the results I deserved and I worried that the weight would all go straight back on again as soon as I stopped.

My husband is supportive as he knows how unhappy this weight makes me feel. He was just concerned that I was doing something drastic and unhealthy to lose the weight. I think he was confusing it with the atkins diet.

We have had a chat about it and he has seen the list of foods and is feeling a bit happier now that he understands it better. I like the fact that there is an after care plan built into the diet and I love the dupprt I get from you guys.

I would miss you if I went!

So we have agreed that I will give it a month and see how I get on with the plan.

Thanks again for all the support.
Glad you're staying.
Points to your husband for caring about what you eat. My husband, great as he is, cares that he has a yummy meal and would think I was eating a balanced, nutritious diet if I was having a big chocolate cake for brekkie, lunch and supper. He used to live on ready meals before I met him, and thought that because they we're Be Good to Yourself range they were healthy.

I think most people are reassured once they actually see what us Dukaneers are eating. *

I have actually given dinner parties where no one at the table had any idea that they were all eating "diet" foods - let alone foods from a "controversial" diet.

(* Not every one, mind you - I remember my mum fretting that I wasn't getting any vitamin C - while she watched me chow through a huge bag of cherry tomatoes!!!!!)
And congratulation on your loss to date! I hope Dukan treats you well, and you reach your goal on schedule - it's certainly possible.

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