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Hypertension and Atkins

The chemist has just told me to see the doctor as my three bp reading show stage 2 high blood pressure *wail* I am making an appointment to see him tomorrow and I know he is going to ask some awkward questions. Should I be truthful about Atkins?

Also, can Atkins cause hypertension?
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Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Oh dear, I hope that's nothing serious. I haven't heard anything about a link between Atkins and hypertension, but for what it's worth I do think you should be honest with your doctor about your eating patterns. He needs to know the full picture to be in a position to give you a balanced view - and YOU need to know the full picture, too, to make informed choices.

Doesn't cutting down on salt have a link to lowering blood pressure? It could turn out that all you need to do is a simple change like switching to Lo Salt.

Please do be honest with him though. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow and try not to worry about it too much. x
Thanks guys, I am off there now x then off to Penrith camping (ugh!!) so won't see you all till Monday - be good!
Well I am back home now. The weather was terrible, rained pretty much the whole time :-( The doc wants me to go back every week so they can monitor it as it is a bit high, but not as high as when I was at the chemist. I also have to go and get bloods done, should have gone today, but I ate breakfast (forgetting it was a fasting test fgs!) Oh well.
Hi darling, sorry to hear about the crap weekend, but that's England for you isn't it love.

I had my blood taken yesterday but they said nothing about fasting, good job because I stuffed myself for breakfast as is normal.


Likes to eat.....
Think they do that for the cholesterol eating before could temp raise it giving a higher result then u would have fasting. Happened to me once and I gave out to the doctor because they took the blood after my dinner (i was in hosp) and my cholesterol was 5.1 usually it's 4. something lol or maybe it has something to do with a blood sugar test? Ah well I dunno hehe
Oh I see Jella, well we'll see what my tests are like tomorrow morning when the results are in.
That makes sense! I wonder if they pick up on the ketosis? I doubt it though, I think most would be in K without their brekky :) Now I know why the phlebotomy place is so ram packed in the mornings, fasting! I wonder how long I last out? Leaving it as late as possible to avoid the great unwashed!
well, I'll report in tomorrow morning on my results, I feel good though and I haven't had any problems for years now. Thanks Atkins! :D
I had rather a worrying letter from the doc telling me to make an appointment about my test results. I had the appointment today (after a week's wait) and he said my cholesterol is 6 and needs to be below 5, so that is red meat out of the window! I did have a swig of diet coke that morning, I dunno if that skewed the tests, so I've shelled out on a home kit from Boots (£11 for God's sake!) I'm not in the mood to prick my finger right now though, so will try it tomorrow :) (at least my liver function test came back normal - how? I don't know?!)
Hi Anna sorry to hear about the news. Did you prick your finger and do the home test?

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Oo-er, sorry to hear that AM. Maybe switch to lean meat, fish & olive oil for a bit, your health should come before weight loss.

Have you tried palm oil? It has the same health benefits as olive oil but doesn't flavour your food so much, I find it really good for curries and stir-frys.
Sorry, back to work and I had to hit the ground with my legs running! I've cut down on salt and red meat, and will have to go back for more tests in a month. I'm eating more fish and chicken instead. I never know if lamb is red meat though?!

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