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hypno band therapy anyone kept their weight off?


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I can't really help much but I am starting my hypnotherapy on Monday. First of four sessions. it's expensive but the research I have done seems to suggest a very good success rate. I've started a diary so feel free to follow it and see how i get on.

£1000 is an awful lot of money to me so I'm determined to make it work and give it my all.

Fi x
I know it's not the same but for those who like me could never afford the actual personal therapy, amazon.co.uk sell a hypno lap band cd for £12.99.
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It's interesting that the only person to review it is the person who made the download! However at that price....



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Hi all, I'm on week 3 of the Hypnoband and already lost 7ibs. I paid £250 for 5 sessions, plus 2 cd's. I really don't feel hungry anymore and have to remind myself to eat! My hypnotherapist, during trance, said I would crave ice cold water, and I certainly do, can't get enough. One more session then it's the actual band, can't wait. Off to Thailand in November so would like to lost around 4 stones before, and I actually think I'm going to achieve it. People have already commented on how slimmer I look as it seems to be coming off from the stomach area, which is what I wanted. Will be happy to refer anyone if interested as I highly recommend my hypnotherapist, Worthing, W.Sussex.


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Hi everyone - I had my hypno operation end of April. 6 months programme including hypnotherapy for reasons why I was a compulsive eater = £800. Def worth it. What a release for my mind about the root causes of the addiction.

The op was amazing and I lost interest in food for a few weeks. I then started to go back to the old habits but by that time I had really embedded portion control into my life, and although its an effort I am on top of my eating. weight loss is plateauing so to answer the q i have kept weight off.

I have just developed a points system to keep myself on track which Im going to blog about and can post a link when it's up. these last few days I feel a renewed push and my clothes are getting loose again. I just got back into size 16 trousers hurray!

basically every day is a push pull between the old me and the new me - hypnoband is a great tool but no magic pill, for me anyway.

let me know how you are all getting on


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Hi Harriet101,

I had 4 sessions of hypnotherapy and the band fitted in march, I initially lost 7lbs but 3 have crept back on however it has changed my attitude towards food, I no longer find myself eating just for the sake of it i seem to be more aware of when I'm actually hungry now so it worked in that respect.

My biggest problem is not doing any exercise, I really don't like gyms and I'm not a fan of sweating and half killing myself so I've bought a couple of pilates dvds, going to see if i can sculpt myself a trim toned body......watch this space lol


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Hi clanger, i do my tummy exercises first thing, will post a link when \i get up to 50 posts. then i cycle to shops not drive etc. Bribe yourself with rewards for exercising

Weigh in yesterday - lost 4 lbs over last 2 weeks. Down to my points system and giving up bread

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
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had my 1st session today and first hypno therapy , feel odd , not at all hungry or remotely tempted to eat the chocolates odr foritos my oh is sitting next to me eating :0) very odd indeed !!!
hope the next sessions go aswell , im not expecting a miracle but i would just like to be able to reach a good weight and stabilse !!!
ohh dreams :0)


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I had my hypno- band fitted in May 2011 unfortunately this did not work for me at all. It really did not make me feel any different at all.
I had some limiting belief sessions pre-op and these did help and I did lose some weight but for me the actual hypno band sessions had a negative effect and I put weight on.
I hope you have all been more successful.
Do please post and let us know as it seems to have gone quite on this thread now.
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Hi there - I am considering getting this done - it is €650 in Ireland about £500 in total (UK)... I am an emotional eater since my daughter was born. I am not looking for a quick fix but i know i deal with my emotions through food and also i feel I have an addiction to chocolate - which I never had when i was a smoker (i quit smoking 2 and a half years ago) its like I replaced that addiction with this new addiction. anyway if i get this done and the money together it will be october - will check in if/when I get it done.. hope everyone is doing well :):):)
HHey in reply to the hypno band ...I had it around six months ago,and payed a lot of money for it.was four two hour sessions.and it was absolutely crap......I didn't lose anything.i was told to get a smaller plate..eat less(no kidding) always leave something on the plate.go on a conscious diet,so then you would lose weight anyway......after four sessions and 60 quid down the drain I was gutted.......so. Joined slimming world,which if you stick to it,it works.good luck people x x:wave_cry:

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