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Hypnosis Gastric Band


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Hello all, it's been a while, I know there are several threads on this but I could do with some advice as I can't make up my mind what to do.

I signed up with a local hypnotherapist for the gastric band hypno, I've had my first treatment Last week where he asked me to bring 8 items of food I crave...now I did try and tell him I just crave food, I'm not particularly bothered what sort!! My problem is I'm a huge (no pun intended) over eater. However I took a selection of crisps, cake etc.

Anyhow the session went ok, he said he was going to hypnotise me into thinking of sour milk when I ate those things and to eat smaller portions! I did fall into a deep sleep when he hypnotised me, and can't remember a thing...no sure if that's good or bad. However, nothing has changed, I still over eat too much and gained 2lb! Salt & vinegar crisps still taste like crisps and not sour milk! I did get a cd which I listen too....well I fall asleep.

My next session he is going to fit the band and then I have another after that, altogether it will cost me £300.00, and I've paid £150 up to now.

My question is (sorry to bore you) but before I spend my next 150 quid, do I carry on or not? Will the gastric band bit actually work? I'm happy to spend if I get results....even if that's just getting a grip with bingeing.

I've also invested in a month of Diet Chef to put controlled portions back into my diet, I was hoping this and the hypno band would work...but I'm unsure of the band.

What do you think?

Cheers all....hope your all happy and life is good xxxx
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I've never tried the hypnotherapy with an actual therapist but like you I crave all food. I've been doing the Paul McKenna gastric Hypno band book and cd for a few days and it's stopped me from snacking completely. I'm just not hungry (for somebody who is the family dustbin for eating leftovers this is a big deal as I'm the one leaving food!)

I've tried the old version that Paul McKenna used to use of imagining your favourite foods as something disgusting but my need for naughty food surpassed any disgust and I still ate it. The gastric band thing is different as you can eat anything but you get so full, so quickly that it doesn't matter as you can't binge anymore. It's weird that he's using the two methods together to be honest.

£150 is a lot of money in anybody's book.


Sounds, kind of expensive. I think you would be better to try to curb your cravings and try to hold off the craving just for 24 hours. Start each day fresh. If you cannot resist all cravings for 24 hours, start with just one type of food you crave, then tomorrow add another one. Each change has incremental gains. You can make it.


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I spent over £400 having this done and it did absolutely nothing for me. Fell asleep everytime whilst it was going on so definitely relaxed etc but nothing. Have also been to a Paul McKenna weightless seminar and again nothing, Struggled with the imagine yourself thin routine, said I couldn't see myself thin, guy told me to close my eyes and see my front door in my minds eye. Then said there you go you can do it. Still tempted to get his gastric band cd though!