Hypnotherapy - A Gastric Mind Band


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I read into this but it's quite expensive and I don't like the thought of being talked through the op whilst under.

I have money set aside for hypnotherapy for motivation/weightloss but haven't booked it yet.


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Ive had hypno for my fear of flying, however, it didnt work for me. I think you have to be suseptable for it to work. Works for some but not for all.

When you say you have portion control problems, what do you mean exactly? xxx


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Thanks guys.

I just mean I eat too much. My brain doesn't seem to receive the message from my tummy that it has been fed and watered. I appreciate SW because of the free food ethos and while I still have lots to lose that is fine but I know that I want to reduce the amount of food I consume as I go along this journey - I can see that this could possibly help me.

There are some sessions on offer with a clinic in my city and they might be worth a punt!

Thanks again

DC xx


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I think you will find that as the weight comes off your mind will start to change, my sister lost 9 st with sw 5 years ago and she still is at target and life is just different now for her.

You could try Paul McKenna I can make you slim using his disc but following the sw plan it helps you do things like eat only when hungry, tips like leave something on your plate even if it is just a chip has helped me Break my eat everything on your plate mentality. I have over 10at to lose And I'm confident the plan will help us and we will change as we go!!! Xx


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I had this last summer and would recommend saving your money! It didn't work for me and I've been back 3 times - the last time in September. I've given it up as a bad job now and started slimming world instead :D I went with an open mind and desperate for it to work but just didn't feel any different. The hypnotherapist kept saying - it's ok we can try again but I decided that if it hadn't worked after 3 sessions it really wasn't going to! :(


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simply drink a large glass of water before a meal..it will fill you up so you don't eat as much..

make smaller meals.. if you don't put a big plate of food in front of yourself then you can't eat it..


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It seems to me to be a very odd use of hypnotherapy, and I would want to be sure of the practitioner's qualifications.