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Evening folks

Well I had my hypnotherapy today.

We sat and talked about my goals (to want to exercise daily in the morning whether it's swimming or running or the gym or walking). He asked about times in my past when I had exercised regularly and what in particular I remember was positive about that period in relation to the exercise. We also discussed future goals (my Great Manchester Run).

We then moved to the chairs and he took me into a deep state of relaxation. It was a very wierd experience. I was fully aware of his voice but my body felt so relaxed... so much so that I couldn't hold my head up (it just fell towards my shoulder) and my arm fell off the arm rest. It was like that twilight state just before you go asleep. I was aware of the clock ticking, the noise of a truck on the street but they were just "there"; they weren't intrusive.

When I "came to" I could remember every word but as the evening has progressed it's become a bit of a blur. I recall him saying that in the morning when the alarm went off I would want to get up and getting exercising; that the exercise would make me feel really good. I also remember him talking about me imagining myself crossing that finish line in the Great Run and how good it feels. There was also something about how aware I am of how my body helps me feel good when I exercise; how I can feel the strength etc.

He also did an exercise where i pressed my finger against my thumb on my left hand to create a circle and creating an association with the positive feelings exercise gives and says the more I create that circle the better my mind will get at pulling up that feeling which will help with motivation.

So now we'll see how it goes. No 2nd session is planned until we see the effects of this one. Sometimes it may need a top up because you realise what you thought was the "block" isn't really the block it's something else.

Let's see if I'm leaping out of bed tomorrow morning :)
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wow how interesting , I have been looking into hypnotherapy when I get to goal to try and break the habit of overeating , I have a friend who went and she has never touched chocolate since ( which was her big habit )

Let us know how you feel tomorrow I will be very interested in the results , good luck :)


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how did you feel this morning?
well folks all night my dreams seemed to be about getting up and exercising and at 8am i was putting on my trainers and heading out the door. Just had this desire to 'get out there' and i also seemed to want to turn desire into action so I did day 1 of my running programme :) On my way home i found myself thinking of where i'd walk tomorrow (the running programme is alternate days )


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well thats a good thing... lets hope it continues!!
Wow that's great!

I've always been intrigued about hypnotherapy

Will you book another session now?x
Will you book another session now?x
My therapist doesn't "believe" in hynoptherapy per se as he feels we all have the ability in ourselves to find that determination and act on it. But that depends on you being in the right frame of mind and I guess hypnotherapy helps with that process.

The hypnotherapist says that I may not need another session because he felt my "frame of mind was almost there". He said if I did need a second it would most like be because what I thought was holding me back wasn't actually the issue and I may become more clear on what is the real issue (now that he's addressed what I think it is... does that make sense?).

So we agreed to wait and see how I go over the next week or so and then take it from there.
Hey Rae

I was out the door again by 7.45 this morning and did a 45 minute walk (in my MBTs which fit again now I've lost some podge from my feet). :D

It's really hard to explain; it's just seems to be a bit easier to motivate myself when the Gremlin says "ooh but it's cold outside and bed is lovely and warm!).
Thts amazin Gg,u must b proud of yourself for doin it+u must feel so much better for it afterwards+ur fitness levels will b incresin too. Itl also help wiv trimming the inches aswell :) congratuations on gettin in your MBT's aswell.
I love hypnotherapy. I having a restart session as last time i went she was able to get me over my aversion to drinking water and Fruit, so i hoping for the same this time as while i was pregnant i just went of the rails.
I hoping to achieve a great loss before christmas.
Ooh I've always fancied hypnotherapy :) may give it a go. Keep us posted, sounds fab tho...can u come to Middlesbrough and give me a good kick up the bum on a morning please!!! Well done! X
Thts amazin Gg,u must b proud of yourself for doin it+u must feel so much better for it afterwards+ur fitness levels will b incresin too. Itl also help wiv trimming the inches aswell :) congratuations on gettin in your MBT's aswell.

Cheers Rae Rae. It does feel good and that's the feeling I am trying to hold on to :)

Paris - so it really worked for you in the past?

LeaV - the hypno says I'm giving myself my own kick up the bum - he just gave me access to the "voice". Maybe some self hypno can work? I've got a short audio hypno (exercise motivation) I can try to send you if you want?
It was given to me by a friend but I never got round to using it because I had this session.
What voodoo has been done to me????? I have to leave in 10 minutes to head off to my CDC to be there at 9 so I was out the door at 6.20 with 2 layers of running top and gloves on!!! Am I at risk becoming one of those people that I used to see out in all weathers and think "ooh.. wish I had that willpower!"... lol
Wow GG that's amazing!! I actually started downloading something last night to put on a cd to try some self hypnosis so I'll see how that goes but may take u up on ur offer, that's so kind thank you!! Ur doing fabulous and inspiring others :) keep it up....can think of worse things to be addicted to! X


I'm a greedy pig
sorry for barging in.

will be keeping an eye on how your getting on

as i said on another thread i have both Glenn Harrold and Paul Mc Kenna hypnosis cd and don't know which one to use

have heard mixed opinions/ views/ experiences on hypnosis so far

am too broke to pay for private hypnosis

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