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  1. Reeree

    Reeree New Member

    hi I started the virtual hypnotic gastric band app yesterday and thought I'd start this thread as motivation for myself. I have a lot of weight to lose and have tried ww and sw many times but always go off track after a few weeks then end up putting on more weight then I started with. I have 3 children eldest son is 13 my daughter is 9 and my youngest boy is 2 next week. I weighed in yesterday at 17st 6 yes wow. I've put it on here after much thought because i no longer want to be that weight and the only way it's going now is down. plus it might help others who read it.
    I had a good day yesterday with my eating really pleased with myself. today is going great too

    fell free to join in x
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  3. diviajar

    diviajar Full Member

    Hi, how are you doing? Hope you're getting to where you wanna be.
    I had never heard of this app. I'll check it out. Thank you for sharing.

    Success to you. It's not easy, but you know what you want. Good luck.
  4. SexyBecks1

    SexyBecks1 is loving CWP xx

    Hi Reeree, I have this downloaded and will be using it as of tomorrow night. I will keep you updated on how I get on x
  5. hershey

    hershey Silver Member

    if you come over to the 'slimming clubs' section then 'a lot of weight to lose then join the wemitts' section you will find a thread called the hypnoband 2015 and we are on there trying it out. It's my day one and I haven't been hungry at all!! Come join x
  6. stevieedge

    stevieedge New Member

    Hey Reeree,

    i downloaded the Paul McKenna app 3 days ago and it seems to be working so far.I was 10 stone 10 3/4 lbs when I weighed the first day...and I know you're not supposed to weigh every day but I'm going to weigh in the morning and see if there's any difference.

    i want to lose a stone and a half for a wedding...and after the wedding I NEED to quit smoking so I'll have a half stone to play with when I do!

    best of luck,


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