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I am back :-) on SW

Hello all

After reading some lovely responses to my last thread on whether to do SW again and I am coming back to SW and I am going to do 100% Extra Easy but I am making one big change and thats cutting out chocolate and crisps and cakes and chips unless SW ones !

This works I know it works I just need organisation and to be hooked on this site again ! xxx
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You can do it Louise! Welcome back on board!

Thank you ! xxx


Serial Foodie!
welcome back! you're right, it does work :D have fun with the plan xxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Louise,

You know the plan works! Welcome back and heres to your journey!
Thank you I am not letting a 1/2 pound gain bother me again or anyone else if fact - you know the people who say a chocolate wont hurt etc

Now what to have for lunch when you have to go buy it oh dear .. :)


Addicted to Minimins!
YAY!!! Another passenger jumping aboard the Slimming World train to Skinnyville - CHOO CHOO!!! (yes i know i'm mad :D) xx
Haha I was on this cool train before , then I jumped off at panickville walked a few miles and thought a lot on my way, just got on at chanceville between positiveville and determinedville - bolt me down and dont let me off till end of journey please :) am nuts too lol xxx


Addicted to Minimins!
I shall lend you my straight jacket - it may come in handy if we need to restrain you on the journey! :p
(for your own safety of course, nothing to do with you being as mad as a hatter at a tea party! :silly:)
Send it over I cant picture me in it now trying to roll off the train and you raining me back in lol xxx:asskick::asskick::asskick::asskick::D
Thanks Gemma Extra Easy is cool - have no idea why I decided to stop ! x
*waves* HellooooOOOOOO!

This is the Slimming World Express to Slimville, superfree snacks are available from the kiosk, and we will not be stopping until we get to destination. Please ensure to buckle your seat belts and leave your baggage behind at the last station, Apathy Town. It may be a bumpy ride but your destination is certain.
All aboard !!!!!!! Chew Chew . .. .. lol xx