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I am getting married a year today!!!!!


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Is so very nearly there!
You will look amazing and Our edding is at 2pm - good time I think :)

soooooooo sparkly, really beautiful. Your waist looks really small in it.
We married 4 months next Wednesday, enjoy every moment, we had a ball..

wow looks beautiful the way the beading lies in the folds on the bodice reminds me of little pools of water. hahaha, your well prepared! congrats


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Awwwwww a year from today!:love047:

You will be lovely!

Your dress is gorgeous!

Love Mini xxx
What a lovely dress - you look stunning x
Ive been booking my best mates hen night today - its got us all excited bout her wedding! x
thats a fab dress! which one is it? I remember going to book the registrar was sooo nervous! then when we went to be interviewed hubby got my age wrong and i could hear sat in the corridor and i just thought oh no they wont let usget married now! the registrar just said er not quite try again! luckily he got it right the 2nd time!


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Aww the dress in beautiful. I am no good with wedding planning I dont even know where to start. I hope to get married at the end of 2009. Are you getting married in church or a registry office?


Slimming for my children
Hi all.
The dress is alfred angelo 1136 and getting married at registry office.

12stonewannabe.... why do they need to ask the other half your age? Is it to proove what you know about one another?x
Aww hun - you look gorgeous in your dress.

Hope you have a lovely day.


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Your dress is gorgeous. I looked at Alfred Angelo too, they're beautiful.
I'm hoping to choose my dress when I get back from hols. Its 10 months next Thursday until I get married. The time has seriously flown by! When I first got engaged the wedding seemed so far away and everyone kept saying 'it'll not be long coming round', but I was like 'yeah, yeah' thinking it would feel like forever! It is flying by and unfortunately my weight is not flying off!! LOL. My own fault. After hols, no more excuses. I'm got a girlie holiday coming up on 1 November, I wonder how much I could lose in 8 weeks, realistically?


Is so very nearly there!
they asked the age? omg i have never heard of that and have no idea why would do it :/

mines an age away compared to all your wedding but tbh I have loads to do still and have loads done already!!

I love weddings atm!!

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