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I am here...been creeping around...


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Hello everyone...

Just a little update from me - there seem to be so many new faces around here lately, i feel a bit shy to post! Lol - nah, only joking - but still, seems like there are so many new people - hello everyone!

Well I have finally managed to shift 28lbs officially which takes me to 11 stone 2, i wanted to go to 10 stone but its unrealistic really, so i am going to go for 10, 7 - which means only 9 more lbs to go! Seems like i have been on it forever but glad the end is finally in sight. Taken me 8 weeks!

Hows everyone else doing!? Anyone else getting as excited as me about Christmas?!

Oh I must change my profile pic!
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Want to be a yummy mummy!
YEAH! I KNOW! But! I have a good excuse cos last year i was still flipping getting job seekers allowance around christmas time, was working so far away, couldnt have any time off inbetween christmas and new year and this year i have a great job, payrise and work 15 mins away so im getting excited and im allowing myself to be! lol - cant wait! whens the earliest i can put my tree up!? ha!
Hi Unreal lovely to see you again :) well done on your loss !!!!!!!! Amazing !
I am getting excited for Christmas, will start shopping in October after holidays.

DD1 aged 9 has asked for a laptop and a pandora bracelet - when I was that age I only wanted dolls !!!!!!!!!!

Luckily it's her birthday in December so family can chip in for bracelet and charms, although I would prefer her to have a troll one or something where it isn't as expensive in case she loses it, or she wants to save pocket money for charms. I have a pandora and £20/£40 a charm is pricey but everyone knows what to buy me for birthdays etc !

Looking at laptops e may buy a reconditioned one as opposed to a £400 new one, I know she is responsible enough and yes I go mad with gifts, but I still feel she is a little young and it will take up much of my Xmas budget !

Little one (aged 5) will just ask for little things, she always does and is happy ith colouring pens and paper !

How times change !!!!!!!!

What are your plans this year ?


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Wow when i was younger i was soooo happy with paper and felt pens! I agree indeed how times change, i have heard of pandora bracelets i know they are the new "links of london" arent they, look very nice - a colleague got the necklace with a trunk charm before she went travelling. Are you asking for anything in particular? So much more choice when you are slim isnt there, you feel like you can show off a new pair of leather boots or a pair of earrings so much easier being slim, rather than when you're fat - i once remember a very overweight colleague being obsessed with her nails, i just thought thats all she can take pride in and control because shes so out of control with her weight, does that make sense? Anyway off topic!

I am going to start saving in Oct and a friend and I have already planned our Christmas shopping for a day in December! Mad I know! But im so looking forward to it. Not sure what i want, a new digi camera maybe!

Thanks for the congrats, really looking forward to seeing the 10s!!

Where are you going on holiday?


Cambridge Consultant
Hey unreal
Good to see you hon and well done on your fab loss, you have done so well..
Not thinking about Christmas yet its way to early for me.. lol
good to see you back on here hun and well done for the loss! :D
Super news!

I'm excited for Christmas too!! :) DD is 4 in Jan so her Birthday/Christmas main present is Disneyland which means we dont have to buy her loads....which is good as i know it wont last long being able to get away with doing that! lol.
I've also put a "big toy ban" on this year! Our house is already packs with big bloomin toys so its not allowed this year! lol. I'm so strict on Santa! lol

Well done unreal on you weight loss so far,as for crimbo only 14wks and 2 days to go and have already started my crimbo shopping lol,can't wait xx

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