I am Legend


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By Richard Matheson

It must be read.

gotta be the best book ever in the history of books.

I wont reveal anything (other than its about a post-apocalyptic world were vampire zombies are after the only last 'normal man - but its more than that) but really a copy should be given a birth. its not the biggest of books, but a real eye opener

I feel sorry for someone who hasnt read it :p

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39 (not all me) people poked their noses in this thread...Me only hopes is that they were too busy reading the book to hang around :king2:

God I love that lil guy - :king2:



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I do too, have all her books...every single one. the know is my favourite so sad...so crushin

Only problem is her cockney rhyme and her irish slang...no one and i mean no one calls anyone a 'pichaheen'

Apart from that its all good

Going up the apples and pears on me jack jones to watch the...erm...Martin Sheen (TV Screen) trust me in a Cole book that would be cockney rhyme :)


tatty head

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Hi Ivy ,
I am intrigued to read this best book of all books lol !
Will look out for that one .
I too have all martina coles books love 'em all ! The know is my favourite too maybe because its the first one i read, damn richard and judy lol !

Just read the cupcake brown book piece of cake thats a great book !

Now reading The interprettation of murder by Jed Rubenfeld my daughter got it for me for mothers day wasnt to sure to begin with but last night couldnt put it down !

Lotsa love Tatty Head XXX


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I love reading, absolutely love it. I always have my head in a book. I love classical literature, chick-lit, sagas and everything in between. Ohh, I love a good biography too (that's nosy huh?!:eek: ).


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Ivy, that book looks good. I am skint this month so might see if they have it in the library ....

If you love Martina Cole then try Gilda O Neill's trilogy. Sins of their Fathers / Make us Traitors / Of Woman Born - excellent powerful reading and even Martina Cole herself loved them :D