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I Am New & I Have Quit Smoking & Now Food On Lipotrim - Need Buddies To Keep Me Sane!

Quitting smoking as well as dieting at the same time - good or bad idea?

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I am currently on day 5 of the Lipotrim Diet and finding it really hard!!

I really need fellow slimmers and Lipotrimmer's to keep me sane as I am finding Lipotrim so hard even though my goal means the world to me - not just to be slim but for a baby I so desperately want!

I quite smoking on 26th September 2007 with Nicorette Gum and surprisingly I found it really easy - (I must have been ready to quit this time as my previous quit attempt was very hard!)

The Pharmacist stated I could have Nicorette Gum on the Lipotrim Diet as it has Saccharin in it. Also this first week has been torture - I am desperate for food. The hunger pangs have been horrid and I really do not know how I have kept going so I emailed the Lipotrim website this evening as follows:-

I really need you to answer this enquiry as quickly as possible as I am in somewhat of a despair at the moment...

I have been taking Lipotrim since Tuesday 9th October therefore I am currently completing day 5.

My BMI is 39 so I am considered 'Super Obese' and I am 30 years of age. I am healthy apart from an illness called endometriosis (women's plumbing problem!) and in all other instances am fit and healthy.

I quit smoking on 26th September and have found it easy - I take if needed one or two pieces of nicorette gum a day and many days do not take any.

I am finding the Lipotrim to put no better word 'Torture'. I am constantly hungry and getting stomach cramps from hunger. I am drinking at least 6 pints of water a day including black tea or coffee with nothing added. (My bowel movements are regular due to Fibreclear so this is not the cause.)

I have followed the Liptrim diet to the textbook for 5 days except for the Nicorette Gum. The Pharmacist informed me I could take it as it has Saccharin in it.

Is it usually this hard going almost like I am being tortured?

When does it subside and get easier?

Is the Nicorette Gum making it harder for me?

I really appreciate your help as I do not want to fail but I am finding it harder and harder to get through the days without any sustenance other than the three Lipotrim mixes.

Your advise would be much appreciated as quickly as possible.

They have replied within 10 minutes as follows:


The gum is making it harder for you, but giving up smoking is very important. If you could switch to a patch it would make the diet easier, but in any case you are almost through the worst of the diet. Keep going strictly for another few days and you should be ok (diet is just boring, but not uncomfortable).

What does this mean guys...obviously my gum is making it harder but how does this diet get easier?

Am I to wait until ketosis kicks in and that's when it gets easier???

And lastly why does it get easier??

Sorry to droan on and on but I hope you can help me as all your advise is invaluable!!

Rachelle :wave_cry:
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I too have given up smoking and been on lipotrim for 3 months. When you go into ketosis you will not feel hungry, only occasionally, you will feel fantastic with plenty of energy. I did not use anything to give up smoking so cannot advise you on that. Just stick with it, it is so worth the effort mate, it really is.
Thank you so much Charlotte and it is lovely to speak to you!

Thank goodness it gets easier. My partner lives with me and he has been cooking for himself all week - the smells have been torture - pizza, hot and spicy chicken, spam and cheese butties they all smell gorgeous. I have been dipping my head into the oven while it's cooking and even drooling over a bloody apple in the fruit bowl!!!

Well done for losing 49 lbs in three months - this is inspiring and motivating me and thank you so much for sharing your experience with me.

How long does it take approximately until ketosis kicks in?

It took me 5-6 days, some are sooner. I tell you how bad it gets some times when even the cat food smells good lol.
5 - 6 days ok - not far to go for me then!! I must admit I have woke up this morning and I do not seem hungry. I am alittle groggy but no stomach rumbling or cramps or anything! I will let you know how the day progresses but this morning I really feel ok!
Rachelle, hi, glad you are feeling better today. The first week on LT *is* going to be super-difficult, we all go through that bit, and we do come out the other side, so you are not alone! Once in ketosis, as Charlotte says, you will no longer feel hungry. Its worth getting yourself through the first few agonising days.

You will still get a rumbling tummy, thats quite normal, so just keep on drinking the water - hot water helps to calm it too. Try and aim to be drinking around 5 litres a day on top of what you add to your shakes.

5 litres a day!! I was told to drink 4 pints which is 2 litres - have I been misinformed??

Also, do you find that because all the shakes are sweet you just can't face them? I really need a savory option but am scared of what the chicken soup tastes like - have you tried and if so what is it like?

I really did not like the chocolate shake and sometimes I find it quite difficult to get all the lumps out of the shake - any tips for me?

Lol x x x
I drink 4 litres and that has proved fine for me. I use a blender to mix mine up with no lumps. If you want different tastes try peppermint or orange essence in the chocolate shakes or a little coffee in the vanilla. Haven't tried the soup because I hate soup and the bars are supposed to be awful! Anyway 2 litres of water is what a normal person is supposed to drink, I would drink at least 3 but optimum 4.
Ok I need to buy a blender - I have been using a hand held whisk!

I tried coffee in my vanilla shake and nearly threw up :) lol!! I even tried the chocolate hot and I didn't like that either.

Can anyone advise me on the chicken soup please?

Charlotte thank you for the tips to drink more water and to try peppermint and oranage essence in choc shakes - I am definately going to give that a go!

I want to say a really big thank you to you for helping me through a really difficult time last night. I was so hungry and without finding minimins.com and hearing fro you guys I think I would have failed.





Back on the wagon!
Best of luck with your journey......you will get great advice on here - the gals are just fab support and as a few of us have been on LT for a while we can offer an opinion on most things!!!!!

Drink loads of water - the 2 ltrs is the minimum.....so a litre or two more really helps move the pounds!!!

5 litres a day!! I was told to drink 4 pints which is 2 litres - have I been misinformed??

Also, do you find that because all the shakes are sweet you just can't face them? I really need a savory option but am scared of what the chicken soup tastes like - have you tried and if so what is it like?

I really did not like the chocolate shake and sometimes I find it quite difficult to get all the lumps out of the shake - any tips for me?

Lol x x x
Rachelle - yes, drink about 5 litres, it helps not only shift the weight but also helps you to pee out ketones rather than breathe them out. The most you should drink is 6 litres, the absolute minimum is 2.

I did LT for 11 weeks, and since then have been on Cambridge. I loathed the LT strawberry but choc and vanilla were fine. Chicken soup was great, though you can add a little black pepper or smoke paprika to ring the changes.

I have always used a balloon whisk and never had problems - dont add all the water at once - first add a little and mix it up, then gradually add more. That way you wont get lumps.
Hi Rachelle! I'm doing LL so can't comment on the details of LT, but one thing to remember is that you are likely to have a very rumbly tum on these diets, though not through hunger. Don't know why, biologically speaking, but it helps to imagine it as the sound of your stomach metabolizing the fat. Glad you're feeling better. Hang on in there!


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Hi Rachelle, Welcome to the best forum around. This site will be your life saver. I too have a husband who is cooking beautiful pizzas etc so whenever he does I log straight in. Keeps your mind off it.

Regarding water intake....Icemoose has put a sticky on the Cambridge Diet Forum about the importance of water. If you read that then you'll be drinking bucketloads!! The more you drink the more you lose (and like Elle said your breath will be better!!).

Hopefully after today you'll be feeling much better. I'm never hungry now, but I do still WANT food. I have come to realise I dont eat when I'm hungry, I eat out of habit. Like on Saturday night, my hubby had loads of snacks whilst watching a film. I wanted some, but not because I was hungry. It is definitely going to take time to change my thinking, but I'm determined.

Good luck and wait til your first weigh in.....it will be then that you realise the results are worth the effort.

Charlotte, Elle, Bea, Zomble & Shazpaz,

I am now drinking more water and I am listening to my rumbling tummy as if it is churning my fat to get rid of it!!! I have added the water a little at a time and it does stop the lumps so thank you for that advice.

Thank for so much for your comments and I have to tell you I went to my first weigh in this afternoon - WEEK 1 I have lost -13 lbs!!!!! Oh my gosh - I am amazed, astounded and really really chuffed!

This has sorted me out completely - I am now on the straight and narrow road to a new skinny me (well until my next hunger pangs when I come running to you guys!!!)



Back on the wagon!
Have you made a decision yet on the smokes?????
Have you made a decision yet on the smokes?????

I have already quit smoking on the 26th September 2007 (3 weeks tomorrow) and started LT on 9th October 2007 (1 week ago just over).

I was finding it really hard with fighting my cravings for Nicotine as well as food and I thought I was going to flip my lid (so to speak) if I didn't choose one or the other.

All those closest to me said, "Chelle don't do both at once you will fail as it will be too hard" - I needed a second opinion so that's why I did the poll. I needed people who didn't know me to give me their opinion and guess what? I have proven them wrong (my family) - I have stuck to both!!! It has to do with you and everyone else who has been so lovely as to reply to me and offer their opinion!!

Just got to wait to see whether I get a BFP at the end of this month now due to the new healthier me!!



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You sound determined. You are going to feel so much better/fitter once you lose the weight and now you have given up smoking. Its the best thing you could have done for yourself.

Fantastic weight loss. I've not lost that in three weeks on this diet:sigh:. I dont think I've lost this week either:sigh: I'm in a sighing mood.

Well done again.
Rachelle - well done on making those fantastic decisions - you should be feeling very proud of yourself! Keep going!!

Sharon - hey you are doing really well - you cant fail to lose weight on LT, its just so simple :) Some weeks you might lose a little more, some weeks a little less but it will average out nicely. Added bonus is that you dont plateau on LT like you do on 'normal' diets, which is always so soul-destroying - this way you can just speed along happily!

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