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I am new!

Hello everyone!

I decided to join this site for a little support and motivation I guess.
A little bit about me .. I am a student in Cardiff studying Criminology and Sociology and I love it! I have my exams soon though =(

Stats - I started at 12 stone 7
Currently I am 11 stone 13 (as from this morning YAHOOOO!!!)
Goal weight - 10stone
Height - 5"5
BMI now - 27.8
Goal BMI - 23.3

I will be setting mini goals too, and I am having about 1200 calories a day.

The reason why I want to lose weight, in the long run is to be more confident in myself - so I can wear clothes comfortably etc. Short term - I am going on holiday in August!!

Hope this site will help me on my journey!

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Welcome onboard sugarsnappea!!!

Wow we are getting bigger here (and smaller too :) )! x :bliss:
hehe! Thanks :)

So I have just under 2 stone to lose. How long should I expect this to take? Just so I can pace myself and not have false expectations!
I have two stones to lose too, i was trying to get it done before August... at 2lb a week. Calorie counting isn't a quick fix though x
Oh I know, I have done the CD previously - and for me that was a quick fix. It worked, but I gained all the weight back again when I came off ( I didn't maintain - hence the weight gain).
So I have decided to CCount as a way to actually keep ALL the weight off.

I want to lose this 2 stone before August too - I am going on holiday. BUT it wouldnt bother me if I didnt - because I would still look better than I do now! :)


wants to get super fit!
Hello Sugarsnappea! You should be to lose your 2 stone by August no problem! Good luck and welcome to CC!
Thanks Nic :)
Well done btw, you signature is an inspiration!

Today I have been quite good.

Had a scrambeled egg (2eggs) on a small square of ciabatta bread.
and a handful of strawberries so far today!
Getting hungry now though!


wants to get super fit!
Thank you! Yours will soon be up there in your signature too and it will really encourage you as you see your losses in writing. Well you've hardly had any cals today so you can have something yummy for dinner!
Hello Sugarsnappea!

We are indeed a growing but shrinking band - hee hee. Everyone here is doing really well so you will find lots of motivation and support.

I think 2 stones by August is realistic but as you say whatever you lose by then will be an achievement and make you look and feel better

Good luck.
Oh I know, I have done the CD previously - and for me that was a quick fix. It worked, but I gained all the weight back again when I came off ( I didn't maintain - hence the weight gain).

yes the same happened to me, I also missed eating so I'm happier on CC and I feel better too.

I'm off on hols in August to Spain and hoping to feel good about myself!
yes :) I think we all need those mini goals / big goals to keep going really - I know I do!
Mine really is my holiday, I went to greece with my bf nearly 3 years ago now, I was a size 12 and looked pretty good but at the time I thought I was fat and didnt apprechiate by body, so now I am to be a little lighter than I was there for this holiday we are going together in August. That way I WILL be confident enough to wear a bikini - AND I will look and feel amazing. I am so excited!

I have been CC for about 3 weeks now - and just needed some support! You all seem really lovely!! :)
Ooh I'm a Psychology and Counselling student, I also have dreaded exams coming up, booooo. I looked at cardiff aaages ago and thought it looked nice there :)

Are you doing exercise as well? I've read some places that it's a really good idea to do toning exercise as well, even just 10-20mins a day. It helps keep your metabolism up because if you gain 1lb of muscle, that burns 50cals a day which is about 300cals extra over a week. Good news! Counteracts the effects of cutting back on calories over a long period of time which will help towards the end of your diet..

Anyway I also have a similar amount to lose so we can help each other through it! :D


i have lost 20lbs so far and that has taken me since the beginning of Jan if that's any help. Definylt not a quick diet but i want to lose another 1.5 stone before the midle of July as i want a nice dress for my friends wedding!

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