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I am obsessed with food !! and OH eaten my bars !

Ok you are going to laugh at this one, but I think I am becoming obsessed with food, I am not really that hungry but everything I do or think about consists of food, last night I had a dream that I had eaten a load of indian takeaway and felt so bad this morning when I woke up and on teh way to work this morning, I was looking at car registration plates for some reason and relating them to food !, ie saw a car with the reg MAR marmite straight to mind, then CAK yes cake !, BEF, beef and so on, it was a nightmare, I am obsessed !!!. Also to make matters worse got up this morning and my OH has eaten two of my bars !!, he thought they were 'sweets' !, said they were very nice ................aghhhhhhhhh
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Oh dont, I really want peanut butter on toast !


Serial Foodie!
the dreaming thing is so weird. i get it too and I know from reading on here that quite a few people do. at least thinking and dreaming about food is better than actually eating it :) i keep cooking the things i wanna eat for the rest of the family but dont feel tempted to eat it so thats lucky. well...thats a lie, i am tempted but have been good :D
Thats so funny, I dreamt that I ate last night too!! It was so vivid! I have my first weigh in tommorow, and I woke up thinking 'oh great, now you've blown it on day 7', I felt so dissapointed in myself!
I dream about food too!! I thought I was mad!

My office is above a restaurant too so Im smelling garlic and lovely things all day too

Who mentioned toast?? God I murder a proper cuppa and a bit of toast with butter...mmmmmmhhhhhh
Funny you should say this, because when I was doing LL my counsellor said that it was a very good psychological trick to "make" yourself dream about eating food. She argued that the mind is a very powerful thing, and if you can "convince" yourself that you have actually done something without ever actually doing it i.e. dreaming about eating food, then it supposedly gets your mind believing that you have had what you dreamt about and stops cravings .....

I was, and still am, sceptical about this ..... when I dream about having something to eat, I also remember how good it tasted in my dream ..... it never made things easier, only harder!!
It actually helped that I dreamt I'd overeaten last night - the feeling of dissapiontment in myself was over whealming, I was so happy when I realised it wasnt real! I do not want to feel that way for real!


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I dream of food too. Sadly my brain hasn't trained itself to eat really indulgent things like cake and chocolates, it sticks to everyday meals that, I guess, I miss.
But it still leaves me feeling naughty in the morning, while it lasts!


Fed up of being fat
I have the odd eating dream, however, in mine I am slim like I was before getting pregnant and gaining the weight, I am eating the things I see as naughty now but its as though Im seeing the future me ... I kind of like it .. lol ... because it gives me the image of me being slim again and eating the odd treat/takeaway, but I do still for a split second wake up thinking "sh*t did I eat" and then realise its ok was just a dream.
Hahah glad to know im not mad. im not the only one who cant determine dreaming of eating food with actually eating it. Unlike you missymoo i cant ever remember a time when i was thin. Im only 20 and my whole childhhod was fat. Maybe not obese but bigger than the others and cos im only 5 4 now i was short then too and it showed. I feel a though i have missed out on a childhood in some respects actually cos i never had a bikini or a boy friend or anything like that.
Anyway off track.... TOAST!
Taz x

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