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I am so happy today!

Ok its peeing down and its not exactly great weather for happiness but thanks to the rain i have made a fantastic discovery

As i lost so much weight on LT and i am planning on losing a bit more on SW i havent bought a winter coat as yet in the meantime i am wearing a cheapy fleece from Sainsburys.
It and I got soaked on the way to work this morning so when i got in I had to raid the uniform store's for something to put on and keep me warm as my colleague insists on having all the windows open (i normally sit with my coat on!)

This time 5 months ago i had to do the same and the only thing i could nick was an extra large fleece jacket which just about did up over my belly and baps the reason i am so happy!! today i have stolen a small fleece jacket and it actually very comfortably fits and looks fab (well as fab as a navy blue fleece can look) i am going to parade around the hospital in it all day happy in the knowledge that i look a damm site better than i did 5 months ago. :):)
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LOL- FANTASTIC!!! Strut your fleecy stuff girl! lol ;) Thats brilliant! :D
To be the misery that I am I would request that your colleague realises that there are more than one person working in that office and a compromise should be reached. She likes the windows open, very cold in winter, acceptable in summer, you like it closed during the winter. Why should it be the way she/he wants it. Its extremely unpleasant to be cold, especaily cold enough to keep a coat on!! I would take a room thermometer into the office and check the temp. There are minimum temperatures that you should work in. And, if you sit near one of the windows that she/he insists on keeping open... Close it immediately. There are minimum and maximum temperatures that you should be working in.
I think its terrible that she imposes her will on you.
Lynne x
Tried the arguing she is an evil pixie so its easier to just put up and shut up untill the other girls get cold enough to complain also..
Their response is wear some sleeves.. erm all my winter clothes are 4 sizes too big and i wasnt exactly expecting freezing cold weather today i was going shopping in 2 weeks for winter clothes!
S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
yeah, its crazy actually that one person can dictate how the rest of the office are feeling. That said, in office type spaces I need the windows open as I get very claustrophbic and panicky. Uni was a nightmare for me as you can imagine. have you asked the girl why she must have thewindows open constantly. I know you are all already veryaccomodating but if she has genuine reasons and not just utterly selfish ones, you all wont mind so much.

But still.. a SMALL FLEECE! WOOP WOOP!! ;)
She basically just wants the opposite to the whole office so in the summer when it was roasting she wanted it closed. I think she is just plain being awkward but the other girls let her away with murder because she is such a moody stroppy mare


is loving the soup?!
that is fantastic, I'm so impressed and you must be over the moon xxx

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