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I am so in love with the porridge!!!


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I've only had the A+C and I LOVE it!! :p I honestly think I'll be having this for breakfast for the rest of my life (can't think of any cereal I prefer!). I always make it up to more than it says so I get a good bowlful, it's so yummy!! :) (And a little extra pinch of cinnamon too.)


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Oh gosh i wish i liked it, but it made me gip.Last week the bars started to do the same i cant stand the soups either.Its a good job i like the choc bannana etc.I didnt think i was a fussy eater but i must be.
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Oooh good. Im going to swap my soups tomorrow (they are gagtastic!!) for some porridges, I wont be able to use a blender at work, so thought thye would be ideal, as I can just mix 'em up and micro them. easy! I hope I like them too.

I hate all the soups, and the briks, but love the shakes esp the toffe and walnut, butterscotch and chocomint.
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I thought I would love the porridge as I like normal porridge but YUK! I hated it! I am also a soup person but don't like the CD soups either!! Good job I love the shakes, I am living on vanilla! :D


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see i absolutely loved the porridge. Try it with a sweetner or is it that its too sweet as i used to have porridge with sweetner and honey and it tastes probably as good if not better than that!


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Do you not find it really salty? I just couldn't get past the salty taste.


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i usually hate porridge (usually makes me gip).
i usually find it mentally confusing.....i know sounds weird saying that but i never know whether i should kind of drink it... (but it's got the oats in it so too thick to drink and made me gag).
or eat it... too runny nothing to chew on solid.
see mentally confused on how to eat it... ha ha haaa
anyway to the point of this post, i like the apple one feels like on the diet and while ss i feel like i can actually have a meal with the family.
it may take me 20 mins to eat/drink what ever...swollow. but it's good.


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porridge is groooosssss.. breakfast for me is a giant mug of fresh coffee + vanilla shake :D
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Hi I havent had porridge since I was a kid and hated it then it always made me gag but I`m thinking of trying it again at 50 haha do you make it with skimmed mike or just water ?


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no you make it with water.
Tryer. How can you drink it? its so thick? If you make it up as stated then theres no way you can drink it as its made up into a paste?

I love it and am weirdly looking forward to it tonight.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I read somewhere that someone made up their porridge to a pint to make it more, so I did that today - but I did find it made it too thin, and I was drinking hot porridge-flavoured water! (Even though I've still got that yummy taste in my mouth now it's all gone.) I always make mine a bit over the normal quantity, but a pint is a step too far - I'll be going back to my normal quantity I think!

PS. Whoever thinks the porridge is salty must have very weird taste-buds! :eek: (Sure your porridge hasn't been sabotaged, lol?! :D)
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HMMMMM I love porriage! Apple and cinnamon is the best- it makes you feel like your actually eating something! I like most of the soups too, but spicy tomato and oriental chilli is VILE! Chocmint shake hot is also lovely. :D:p xxx


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I let my mum and my friend who was round at the time try it and they both said how salty it was. Original scottish porridge is made with salt not sugar so that's why I thought it had a salty taste. Maybe it's your taste buds playing up hehe? :p
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Gosh porridge is what gets me through this diet! Though unfort my CDC ran out this week so Im having to have banana shakes.. and damn I miss it SOOOO much!! :(

i always add a bit of extra hot water in, and microwave it a bit longer as I find the portion is a bit on the small size otherwise.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm going to try the original porridge now after reading this - I can't believe they can both be as gorgeous as A+C, but you never know! :)

(And I didn't mean to be rude about salty porridge - sorree! :()

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