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i am sooo ashamed, ... walks to naughty corner

You don't have anything to be ashamed of, it's 0.5lb, not a stone that you've gained. You could have had this gain for a number of reasons, it really is nothing and might not even be related to what you've been eating.

I gained 1lb for no reason a few weeks ago. I was devastated but I soon got over it and had a big loss the week after. Don't let this get you down, pick yourself up and keep at it.

You'll get your stone sticker next week for sure :)
The only reason you would have to be ashamed is if you let it get you back into bad old habits and put everything you have lost back on again.

I gained this week too, no reason for it, you just have to accept that your body fluctuates and it will come off again if you stick to the plan. Obviously it would be great if our bodies knew it was WI day and to be at its lowest weight! But unfortunately that isnt going to happen.

Stick to the plan and I bet you will b posting next week that you have got you new shiny!
so annoyed with myself. i only had lb to lose and now i got 1.5lb. its taken ages to get to this weight ... been trying to eat healthy since july.
It always happens at the wrong time. I gained 0.5lb this week when I was close to finally getting in the 13s! Pain in the arse but the important thing is that I'm going to get there, I have all the time in the world
Ive gained 2 weeks in a row for no reason, we just have to keep plodding on
Aw, you should not be ashamed of half a pound! You are doing really well, you will get there. And think how fab you will feel when you get that stone sticker! Make sure you post when you do so we can all cheer you on :)
hi..i really do feel for you,that little 0.5lb is such a big thing when u want something so bad,but the more u stress,become obsessed and hate staying with the plan the worse it is,take a step back and see how well u have done in 14 weeks,ur body fluctuates and levels out and then will start to lose again,u may even b changing in size,have u taken measurements,u may b losing inches and fat turning to muscle..if ur happy u r doing 100% then it will pay off..in my time ive managed to gain 8lb in 1 week,fluid and not being at work was explanation,it came off the following 2 weeks..so good luck and dont get disheartened and most certainley do not b ashamed of urself..uve done brilliantly

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