I am sooo hungryyyyy


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It is my 6th day on SS and I am well and truly starving. I have been so hungry yesterday, I went to bed at 6pm.
I thought I would feel better today but I have been so so so so so hungry all day today. I am determined to stay on SS so don't really want to eat anything, I guess I just want to whinge.
I thought after day 4 on SS the hunger goes and you are fine... buuuhuuu:cry:
The only positive thing I can think of right now is that tomorrow is WI and I am so looking forward to seeing what happened with my weight loss...
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First of all (((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))

Now are you really hungry or do think you should be hungry.....it's is a hard question to answer, but you may find that you are in the process of breaking a habit and that is what you are feeling now. Your body is having all the nutrients it needs to survive, as long as you are having all your packs and drinking 2+ litres of water.

Have you got any ketostix - as they will be able to tell you if you are in ketosis yet, some people find it takes longer then the usual 3/4 days.

Keep yourself busy, check out the Inspiration Slide Show that you can find on the tabs above....you can do it Anje!


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Hiya Anje - I know how you feel...I felt soooooooooooooo hungry as I started week 2 (and I was definitely in Ketosis), but then it just disappeared. It will pass I promise. Try and space your packs out evenly and make sure you drink lots of water. I found that having a warm drink (black coffee with sweetner) helped with the hunger pangs. Hope you feel better soon. xxx


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honey, just keep it up. don't eat anything else tonight. you haven't blown anything. just get back in the game and you'll be fine :)

i felt starving and had tummy rumbles for a long time when i first started cd. i find that a cup of coffee and some water gets rid of them on the main part for me. or a cup of bouillon.

they will go away hon. promise. just don't eat anything else tonight or you'll find it harder to get back on track tomorrow.


abz xx


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I had the same hunger pangs on week one and two, and moved up to 4 sachets after about 10 days. I'm 5'8" but thought I'd see if I could manage on 3 rather than 4 - I couldn't, and that extra one made all the difference. Now I'm past week 2, I have two sachets and a CD bar and that keeps me full. Just wondered if you might be needing extra sachet - how tall are you? People are right, the hunger does subside in the end... and the fantasising about food, too! Don't beat yourself up, tomorrow is another day.