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I am starting LL in Jan 08 - what about hair loss?

Hi everyone.
I just joined you all last night and this community looks great!
I am worried about the side effects of LL. Has anyone experienced any problems with hair loss ? Has anyone taken supplements to stop this hair loss?
Thanks for your support as this bit scares me!
I am so looking forward to feeling normal again and having a more feminine shape.Thanks for your inspirational stories - they are so motivating! I have 9 stone to lose by the way.
Thanks for your advice.
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Hi LizLL and welcome :D

Hair loss is a common side effect, but it doesn't effect everyone and it shouldn't happen until food returns. There are loads of threads on here and one on the main page around all things side effect related. But in the main, it's not real hair loss - you hang on to it whilst abstinent and then the body naturally sheds what you would have shed anyway when food is reintroduced. It grows back. I'm not aware of anyone who has experienced this without it coming back fairly quickly :)
Hi Tiger Girl and Conn76,

Thanks for your replies.Your weight loss tickers are amazing and I have just read your entire blog Conn76. It is a really big help to follow your journey through and see what awaits me from next month.

Thanks for your welcome. Much appreciated ! xx
Hi LizLL and congratulations on making such a great decision - LL is working brilliantly for me and I hope you'll have the same results (or better!)

Hair loss was a worry for me too as I have thin 'baby hair' to start with so can't afford to lose any. Some people in my group have lost a bit of hair after about 4 months (though to be honest, although they're moaning, you can't tell). I haven't lost any yet. In fact, my hair is twice as thick as usual and everybody comments on it! I know this is only temporary, and when I go back to eating the old stuff will fall out, but I'm enjoying it at the moment.

Now that I've lost all this weight I'm no longer concerned about hair loss, though, because it just pales into insignificance beside this new slim person who is emerging from the flab. So don't worry about it because a) it may never happen and b) it doesn't really matter anyway.

Good to 'meet' you and I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on. It's a big adventure, and not just about the weight!
Hi Zomble,
Nice to meet you too! Wowee what a weight loss you have had too ! I just find it so hard to believe that this is going to be possible.
Can I ask how you feel having lost so many llbs? What is it like when people don't recognise you ? Do you feel as though some part of your personality has changed ? (In a nice way!) When I watched the Inspiration Slide Show last night I couldn't help but wonder how I am going to deal with the psychological issues of such a radical change in appearance ! Do the LL meetings address this ?
Sorry to ask you all these questions but I am trying to prepare myself for the changes from January.

I am just so glad that I found this supportive community!
Thank you.

Deb G

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Been fine so far, but still in foundation, and my hair looks better than ever. Also got nails now - which I've never had before - I even had to buy a nail file.....I was SO proud!!!


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On the hair loss front, it isn't actually hair loss as such, you hair stops shedding when you start the diet and then your body renews the hair when you stop the diet, just the same as when you are pregnant, so you don't actually go bald or anything, and the hair lost just grows back as normal.
Welcome to the forum Liz - and congratulations on deciding to start Lighter life. Just wanted to add that this programme really can change your life, and while it has its challenges, I have found it the easiest way to lose weight I have ever tried.
Haven't had a real problem with hair loss, although I have noticed recently a bit of thinning, it is not a problem at all. In fact the nutrition you get from the packs is so complete, my skin, hair and nails have never been so strong and healthy ever before!

Good luck with your journey - and keep posting here, it is a fantastic resource!

Hello there LizLL! Im just at the beginning of my journey and my hair has started to get quite dry however my teeth and gums are looking so incredibly healthy. So Im prepared to overlook my dry hair as my smile is so much brighter now!
Hi Liz, I did 20 weeks and have been eating again for about 6 weeks. I have fine hair and I really haven't noticed any difference tho' I was worried about it being a side effect. Good luck with LL...if you stick with it, you'll be transformed!
Hi Liz

I'd like to share my experience, which I hope will help, together with everyone else's above. It's all excellent advice.

I started LighterLife in February, finished Foundation in June, finished Development in August and have just completed 13 weeks on Route to Management but I have not finished it yet.

My hair started to fall out in the summer and although others say it is just shedding, it does feel like more. But, I've only just realised this week that my hair 'loss' has slowed right down. It is also super glossy! I didn't take any supplements for hairloss, even though I thought about it!

My health was definitely better in abstinence, too. One other side effect if you are in it for the long hall is loss of/change to your monthly cycle. My periods stopped altogether (sorry for the details but these things matter) and there are several threads about this.

Anyway, I am happy to report that my body is returning to normal, now that I am eating.

Even though I haven't 'finished' yet, LighterLife is one of the best things that I have ever done. I've never been this slim as an adult.

I wish you well on your journey and if you come onto minimins you will find a wealth of support; everyone on here is so so lovely and kind.

Good luck and don't worry! And enjoy the LighterLife ride; it's a rollercoaster but in a good way!

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx
Thank you all for your reassurance and encouragement. I am amazed to see how many replies I have had. Thank you!
I can't wait for the new year and new me! I will keep you all in touch with my progress and just hope that I will be as successful as you are! Having tried to lose weight so many times it would be fantastic to succeed. No - it will be fantastic to succeed!
In the meantime I will follow your success stories and learn from your priceless blogs.(Thank you Mrs Lard - I will look forward to reading yours tomorrow.)

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