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I ate a chicken Salad last night


Back again - hey ho!
Best laid plans and all that!!!:sigh:

My oh has done the CD for a week, then on the advice of the councilor is now doing 3 packets and an evening meal (as he has quite a demanding job) He lost an amazing 12lbs in the week, and is looking quite sexy already lol
So, he wanted me to start eating with him, I spose I'm not too fussed, but I would have liked to have seen my last full week through.
Better go update my details :rolleyes:
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Says it as it is!!!
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oooo sounds lovely .......yum yum good luck on your refeed hun xx


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Toni, we must be twins or something! (You are obviously my younger, slimmer, more attractive twin;)) I ate a chicken salad last night too. I thought I had died and gone to heaven:D. I did plan to though. I'm going to do a week where I add an evening meal because I just can't cope with the full LT regime. Or do a refeed and see how I feel after a week. I'm not giving up on dieting, but just feel LT is making me too weak and tired. And after nearly 4 weeks I just can't stand it!


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Hi Toni,

Just wanted to say that I don't think 1 x chicken salad will have done you much harm.:)

I notice from your ticker that you are in the healthy bmi range - congratulations on your weight losses so far, keep up the good work. Good luck with your re-feed.

Take care


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So you officailly refeeding now hun?? Only do it if youre happy babe, you dont seem it xxx
I ate a kit kat last night too & its only my 4th day but i am gonna stick to it from now on. I didnt have any shakes yesterday i just felt ill but today is a new day & i am going to lose the weight.
Good luck everyone.
tasha x


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Chicken salad is fine hun. You could have had worse:eek:

Kit Kat.....not so fine. Never mind, whats done is done today is a new day.


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No, Pick yourself up, dust yourself off.....today is a new day. You will not have done too much harm. In a few days you'll be in ketosis and it will be a LOT easier. You will still lose this week. Get to weigh in and you'll see. STICK WITH IT....ITS SOOOOOOO WORTH IT.xxxx


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your so funny,did ya not even have one shake,thats bringin this starvation plan to a different level lol,u probably should have all the shakes.you might find that it wont effect your weight loss fingers crossed,anyway its a mew day and all that,just arm yourself with a bottle of water all day and a packet of listerine strips,how exciting lol. KEEP STRONG N GOOD LUCK
Thanks very much, i was being silly last night i just felt soo down after hearing some bad news but today is a new day.
Can anyone help me upload a picture? thank you all x


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I think you have to have posted 20 (or something like that) posts before you can put a picture on. I'm not too sure, someone else may correct me.


Back again - hey ho!
Thanks ppl, I know I'm in the healthy range, but my old clothes still are too tight, so there's still at least 7 lbs to go!
When faced with the salad I wasn't really desperate to eat it, and could just have well of had a shake. I cant say I'm over the moon at the thought of an early refeed, but I have noticed from previous peoples accounts that you can still continue to loose... so I hope thats the case for me :)
One plus is that I'm going out for a meal with my girlie friends tomorrow night though (fish and salad pre ordered of course! ;)
So, i'll see how it goes!! The only thing I have noticed is that I'm bloody ravenous this morning, which is slightly worrying! xxx
Hello Tasha, dont worry about a Choc bar om week two i ate a whole chocolate orange that id had since christmas, i just had to have it. I was worried about my weigh in but still lost 4lb, as Julia says just get straight on it.
I am having this afternoon off as i have a funeral and i am leading it it and i will be raising a glass tonight in my dads memory, i will be straight back on it tomorrow and wont worry, just be positive


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Sylvia...sorry for your loss. Lots of hugs your way.xx


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We've All done it

I feel like its not worth it after eating that kit kat :(
Tash... i ate 2 kinder eggs and a bacon and chicken pasta last week and lost 7lb!!!!! Just jump back on do some exercise (i did quite a lot, think that how i got back into keotosis sooo fast) and drink double the water ...it works!!!!
Good luck on your WI XXX


Says it as it is!!!
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Oh forgot to say if you only ate a kitkat and had no shakes you were way under both cals and carbs allowance xxx you'll be fine xx
Thanks everyone

Its nice to know i'm not the only one to do this, i just got weighed at boots now(i had to do it just to give me a push) & i have lost 6lb :D
I wouldn't be able to to it without everyones help.
Sorry to hear about your loss sylvia, kisses hun x


Says it as it is!!!
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great hunni you need to chenge your mood now and feel inspried xx try splitting your shakes into 6 lots and have them whem you feel like eating hun...it worked for me xxxx

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