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I blew it....again!


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Had a sausage, blackpudding and mushroom bap this morning. I feel rubbish for it, but not sure if I should blow the whole day and get back on track tomorrow?
In my defense, I was broken into last night and some creep came in my bedroom, by the time the police and been twice and CSI (they caught him) i had been awake over 30 hours and salad just wouldn't cut it for the grumble :(
I wish i had now my tummy isn't happy for it! To top it off the cold I was managing ok with has turned fluey...and I've still got to bleach the walls :(

Tomorrow, I'll prepare and plan and get right back into it, try not to beat myself up too much :cry:
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sorry to hear about your break in, thats really awful glad they caught the idiot! Hope your feeling ok, dont worry to much about your blip just get planning and back on tomorrow!
big hugs! :gen126:


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Crikey you poor thing, that's really awful, but am very glad they caught him. Hope you feel better tomorrow after a night's sleep.

Why do you have to bleach the walls - or did I misunderstand?


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Nah you totally did the right thing. I think if I'd had an experience like that I'd want some decent grub too!

Just get back on the wagon ASAP - you wont have done too much damage at all! :D


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So glad they caught him, hope they throw the bloody book at him!
Hugs to you, hope you feel better tomorrow xx


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Oh god thats terrible. Glad they've caught him. ((hugs)) for you.


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Jeez, that's awful love, I'm so glad they caught him, and I don't blame you for eating like that, I'd have done the same. I hope you are feeling OK today.


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So sorry to hear about the breakin ((hugs)). Welldone getting straight back on

Wannabe Weeney

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No wonder you did'nt fancy a salad! Thats quite something to have to deal with and under the circumstances you have shown remarkable will power to be back on track so soon (I know I would'nt have!!).

So glad they caught him and hope you're ok. x


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Morning Agikuyu :)


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I'm fine, thanks for asking love.