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I bought a GORGEOUS new fridge!!!


Is a crunchy mama!


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Thats exactly the same as mine Honey...and I love it trust me though it wont take long to fill up, but at least you can put lots of yummy sw friendly food in there


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Congrats on the new fridge/freezer! It's truly a thing of great beauty! I confess to being a tad jealous - you should see the monstrosity of great hideousness that we have in our kitchen! Actually, it's just as well you can't see it - I'm ashamed of it - oh woe!! :rotflmao:

Enjoy your chilling! :D


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my word- i have got a 4 shelf under the worktop fridge.....no cool box either - my freezer is in the garage (hence i eat mostly fresh stuff)

Jealous - totally!!!! xxxx


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aw..............................i want one :D
i love those, i bet you are well happy!
now get filling it with all the nice healthy things.
Love it! I wanted one of those type fridges. Do they have to be plumbed in anywhere to to get the water out of the drinks dispenser or do you fill it yourself?Thanks


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FABULOUS! Only I sadly don't have room for it.


Is a crunchy mama!
Thanks everyone, for sharing my excitement!! I can't believe how happy a fridge has made me lol. I've transferred everything from the old fridge into it now and there's still STACKS of room for more goodies. Somehow it makes me feel more organised and in control.

OzzieMoz sorry I had to laugh at your description of your fridge! So I take it, it's not your favourite thing in the kitchen? :D

Ladypancho yes we had to connect it to the water mains. It was delivered and installed by Samsung, so they did everything. Great service I have to say and we get a free 3 year warranty!! Eeeeeeeee :D :D :D

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