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I bought a new car today!!!


Gone fishing
It's a Peugot 307. Pretty mid blue colour :)

Not new, but 2005 so probably the newest we've ever bought.

Lil K

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Ooh how exciting! I've only ever had Peugeot cars, and never really had any problems (except normal wear and tear). I've got a 206 at the moment, but have got my eye on the new 308cc - something a little sportier now that my insurance is lower - getting older has some benefits ;)


Gone fishing
We've had a peugeot 406 for the last few years but needed something a tad smaller. The 307 should still be okay to get the lads in :)

The 308cc looked lovely in the showroom. Fancied it myself, but not suitable for my needs :(

This one is a petrol engine and we did really want a diesel like our 406, but that's okay.

The biggest difference is that this one is automatic. Used to gears and scared of going auto in case I forget how to drive a proper car:confused: but we borrowed an automatic not long ago and I loved driving it.

Does make the tax higher though :( Still, can't wait.

Best of luck with your driving test Jemma. I wont use the phrase 'knock 'em dead' :D
Oh Enjoy KD. A new car is always exciting. I haven't had a new car for years.

I always buy VW Golfs and they last forever but I think I am in the market for another one soon. You've got me going now!

And it's got working brakes!!!
SO pleased to hear about the brakes. :eek:

What's the current method of stopping? :D


Gone fishing
I always buy VW Golfs and they last forever
When the car salesman was looking at our heap to price, he said "there are people who change their cars every couple of years, then there are others, like you" :D

SO pleased to hear about the brakes. :eek:
Thought you would be. I'm thrilled. It will be a whole new driving experience :clap:

What's the current method of stopping? :D
Not sure I should tell you considering your line of work :eek:
Ooh, okay then, if you insist, but you must keep this to yourself. Don’t tell a living soul!

Right. You know how natures’s way of telling us the engine is going, is to make rusty holes in the floor? And you know that they are very useful when the engine packs up as you can put your legs through the holes and run like mad? Well….to brake, you just stop running.

Much quicker than brakes anyway, especially when a bus pulls out in front of you. Great for improving leg/eye coordination too:cool:
:D I have a 307 Hdi sport, and it`s the best diesel car i have ever owned, it`s also Metalic Blue with nice alloys, but i was a bit miffed that they brought out the 308 a month after i bought mine, i even asked the dealer and he told it was due to launch next year :mad:

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