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I bought my sausages ... lol

1G per 100G as it says on the pack darling. :)
Weigh one sausage, see how many grams it is, it will be the gram weight with a 0. in front of it, so if a sausage weighs 30grams, 0.3carbs, if 50g then 0.5 carbs.

Too small to worry about really anyway. xx


Wannabe Lean!!!
I might have sausages for breakfast tomorrow, I kinda overdid them and had to have a break LOL :D
They are nice. Lidl do a a very nice German Bockwurst as well, not particularly low carb, but OK if eaten occasionally.


Wannabe Lean!!!
I think Aldi do the white sausage as well, and I've seen them in Tesco lately too, you know the ones they do at the German Market at xmas in Brum Jim, bloomin' gorgeous and not many carbs. Also, Aldi do jalapeno beef burgers and stilton beef burgers, a pack of 4 I think for 1.99 and they are so yummy. I used to be a shop snob until I found those LOL.
The white ones are Bratwurst Rela they are for grilling or frying, Bockwurst are for boiling, well simmering until hot all the way through, they split if you let them boil. Like Bratwurst they are already cooked so you can (and I have) eat them cold.

Can you tell I was stationed in Germany for a while. :)


Wannabe Lean!!!
Really? Crikey, I'm well jealous, did you live on bratwurst and gluhwein? I would have. LMAO.
I loved German food food Rela, absolutely delicious, believe me.


Wannabe Lean!!!
I like a lot of it (hubs loves it and gets a boatload every time we go to a european market), I just can't do smoked stuff though, makes me really ill. Cheese/fish/sausage etc, just can't do it. Hmmm, thinking about those aldi burgers now, might have to nip and get some!
Aldi burgers? are they nice then Rela, are they burgers or Frikadella?


Wannabe Lean!!!
Just burgers, they're from their posh range (like Tesco Finest) and they're in the freezers, black boxes with piccies on. Jalapeno ones (I think the detailing on box is green) and stilton ones (detailing in blue). I go get some in a few minutes and when I get back I'll put the carb counts up. I just remember my Dad eating them a lot when he was on atkins so I think they're 'safe'.
I'll have to go and look for them Rela, thanks love.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Ok, they didn't have the jalapeno ones, they'd sold out :( But I got some of the blue stilton ones.
Info off pack:

Per Burger (113.5g)

Energy 341kcal
Protein 18.8g
Carbs 0.2g
of which sugars 0.2g
Fat 29.4g
of which saturates 14.8g
Fibre Trace
Sodium 0.5g

They are blinking gorgeous!!!! Just made flax minute muffin things and sliced up and used them as buns for the burgers and had a load of salad, yum!
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They look really good Rela, and very legal, great find I'm going to get some of them. I have been buying the 100% beef ones from tesco, but they are not cheap!


Wannabe Lean!!!
I know mate, these are lovely big quarter pounders and like I say you get 4 for 1.99, not too shabby at all! LOL.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
im off to get some tomorrow :0)


Wannabe Lean!!!
I bought some of those frikadellen things too that Jim was on about, but I didn't take notice of the price, can't see them being more than a couple of quid thought as all that stuff seemed to be about the same price. I got the Tex Mex ones and according to the bumf on the box:

Per 100g
Energy 238kcal
Protein 16.6g
Carbs 1.3g
of which sugars 1.3g
Fat 18.5g
of which saturates 6.6g
Fibre 5.7g
Sodium 0.7g

There is 5 and the pack is 500g so info above is per frikadellen. Very yummy they are too! Gonna have one with a salad at lunch :)
I got the blue cheese BBurgers, had 2 last night. Thanks Rela they are great.

also got Cumberland

sausage from Lidl

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