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i bought scales today!

i was able to weigh at Boots with my last job and timing BUT now i have a new job im going to struggle, sooo i have bought a new set of scales today :D

i weighed myself and am verrry suprised to have only put on just under a stone since i last weighed in November.....

ill be back with you on monday, ive decided i have too much nice stuff in the house still and if i keep it in the house before i start then it will only tempt me to fall off the wagon, so im going to eat it tomorrow lol and then start a fresh on monday.....

ive never had scales in the house!!
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i only bought them today and have only weighed myself once...im going good lol


Never give up
Yeah - handy to have - as long as you don't get obsessed Missy! Stick to a strict weekly weigh-in and you won't go far wrong. :)


Never give up
That's me right there Marty! :eek:
I weigh myself every day. I don't get myself too hung up on it but it's handy to know what works for me and what doesn't (food wise).


Never give up
Ugh, my self-esteem is SO tied up with the reading on the scales, and has been for years! Wish I could throw the bloomin' things away altogether.

A pound up or down can make a big difference to my outlook on life.

Let's face it - I need help. But then you all knew that anyway. ;)
It's crazy isn't it. A pound up in a day and I feel like my world is collapsing and that I must look soooo fat again. A pound off and I think I've never looked better. Even if that pound might just be water weight hiding in my toes!

But I still like weighing daily. Really helps keep me on track.
This was my worry too. I bought some scales and have so far resisted the urge to weigh in daily. I know i probably won't be able to resist getting on them but hopefully twice a week should be ok. I might get my sister to lock them away though ;)


Clean green leafy machine
Try not to worry too much, kids - I have a lot to lose and found that I was worrying myself sick thinking about it, so just gave up worrying and now am quite happy to do a weekly WI and that's it.

I think my brain finally got the message that I am in this for the long haul! :)


Never give up
Hi Dizzy - missed you around here! Did you have a good christmas? :)
LOL, we need the scaleaholics thread re starting. :)


Clean green leafy machine
Welcome back Jim!
I'm pleased to be back, I was getting bored Susie. :)

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