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I cant believe im saying this...

But today i got called SKINNY and it really upset me!! At work a girl was saying she was going to aerobics and it was one where skinny people arent allowed...and she turned around and said so you wouldnt be able to come amy, and then my 'friend' turned and looked at me and said yea your skinny so you cant come, this shocked me as im not even skinny!! i said no im not im normal and she rolled her eyes and looked at me as if i was something she'd stepped in!! I think this was completely unfair as im normal weight and i think being called skinny is the same as being called fat, i wouldnt turn around and say something like that to them!! It has really got to me as i still have half a stone left to target so if she says im skinny now, what will she say then! im never going to be skinny as i have a large frame but my target is stil a normal bmi...:( Has anyone else been in the same position?!

I apologise for the load of gobble i have just typed, im just a bit upset! :(
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Yup, I get this too. I get called skinny loads and often asked if I am eating enough. Its really annoying and almost makes me think they are lying to make me happy, but it doesnt work. If you get what I mean.... I know for a fact im not skinny so it almost sounds patrinising. **Hugs to you**


I want to be fitter again
Isn't it great that you girls can carry your weight so well that no one would consider you over weight. I always try to find a positive spin on things it causes far less stress in the long run
I've read things like this before... I'd call my friends skinny.. not even in an insulting way at all, they are just skinny, as in thin.
I really wouldn't be insulted by this at all... because maybe your definitions of skinniness are just very different!!!
Try not to be upset, I can imagine myself doing exactly the same as your friends, saying your skinny and then when your saying your not being like, no not much.. because you're skinnier than me.. not because you're anorexic or looking like you've got no meat on you or anything. People are right, they probably are jealous of you, but only in a way that anyones moderately jealous of friends and ppl they know. It's not malicious or anythin.
Try to take it as a positive thing even if you do find it hard :0D
p.s. I'm now worried I've offended my friends in the past!!
If they mention it again say "ooh thanks, I feel I still have a way to go but it's lovely that you've noticed"
If they're genuine they'll accept it and if it's jealousy they'll shut up!
I'm quite happy when someone says I'm skinny, even if I don't think it's true LOL
Someone said to me the other day 'you do know that you're slim now don't you?' - it was a bit of a shock because I'd never thought of it!
Perhaps your friends thought it was a nice thing to say.
The man in my local shop told me I was too thin the other day - and I am still 1.5 stone of target, and my target is just in the normal bmi range!!!!

I think generally society's ideas of what is skinny and over weight has changed! I know I look at my friends and think they are a normal weight but when we've looked at the figures they have been in the middle of the "overweight" bmi! I also know people that are at the lower end of a "normal" bmi and I genuinely think they look too thin to be healthy. BUT its not my body, they are happy where they are and I wouldn't comment (unless it was a sudden and drastic gain/loss and I was worried).

Ignore them all and get happy in your own skin! (compliments always welcome though! :D )
It annoy me so much. I get worse my dad calls me anorexic because I am constantly on a diet.. I try to get through to him how SW allows me to eat loads etc. but hes always whinging at me.
People dont think 'skinny' i an insult but it is especially when you can see your own body and know you are not.
Keep smiling - people say things they dont mean, and im sure they dont intend to be upsetting.

You have obv done well on SW, and have a healthier lifestyle from it.....

xx Well done xx

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