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Right heres the deal...I have been LL'ing for 6 weeks...and struggled for the first 2...have been stickin to it by the book for 4 weeks...have lost 2 st!!
This weekend my Bro brings his kids for the weekend...so yesterday I gave them KFC and resisted...Today I took them to Brent Cross...Took them to Wagamamas (japanese food)
Thought id be cool...well I broke and ate...thought about being careful...but then I thought If I am gonna break then Let me get it out of my system...I didnt particularly binge...
So anyway 2morrow I will just have to firm it...and I wont eat bars or have flavourings for about three days to ensure and water retention is banished imediately...
Anyone had a similar experience...was ur weight loss affected..(I have weigh in on monday)
I dont feel guilty...little bit worried that I will feel horrible again for a few days???
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Hi Red
well, whilst I am not saying it is ok to stop ss & have a meal out, when I dd LL, I had never cheated but had a friends birthday meal that had been planned for absolutely ages. I had been on the program religously for nearing 7 months and had made the desision to go. My weigh in nights were Tuesday's - I went for the meal on Saturday night - it was cantonese 5 course - have to say I DID have something on every course. Didn't binge but certainly enjoyed the meal - very next day straight back on, water, packets etc (I WAS VERY dedicated then - focused and nothing got in the way).
Carried on as normal no problems then got weighed as usual on Tuesday - 3LB OFF!!!! LLC did say it doesnt always show the first week and sometimes catches up with you as another lady had had a similar situation previous and although lost 5 at first weigh in actually gained 2 the following week and had stuck to program since her night out.
So, I would say, don't worry about it, forget you did it, it's only a bit of food - stick to program now, keep up with the water and you may well be ok. It's not worth stressing over a small episode. Go Girl x

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Glad you're back on track & not feeling guilty, feeling guilty can make you feel much worst & then onto a downward spiral..... Good that you had a pop in with your LLC, good luck with the next WI....xxx
Well done for getting back on track Red.

As the others have said and probably as you saw from your pop in it doesn't look like it will effect your loss to much.

The main thing is you didn't give in to the worst offender of the too and you probably are feeling stronger now and more positive.

Good luck xx
Sounds like you are in control and enjoyed the meal.

It least it wasn't the KFC one (one of my favourites!!)



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Hi Red,

I ate "normal food" on Friday and Saturday of this week. It wasn't a slip up rather a choice I made and something I had planned to do since beginning LL back in April - I had a big family occasion and did not want to tell all and sundry about my diet.

I ate very little of Saturday but did have about 5 glasses of wine/champagne and on Friday I had chinese food.

I went back on SS this morning and it hasn't been a problem (apart from the fact that I am a bit hungover and would kill for some bacon and eggs!). I am going to miss the weigh in on Monday night because I'm currently quite bloated and couldn't face a weight gain.

Hopefully by next week I will have 'recovered' from my little spree and have lost some more weight.

I have eaten on two previous occasions on the diet - once when I had a 'bar binge' and the other time when I ran out of packs - neither affected my weight loss though I didn't gorge.

So hang in there - I'm sure it will be fine.


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Thanks for that...well today has been a task...ended up eating again...think out of boredom and still had the kids!!
Anyway they are back where there belong...my mum packed them up with all the goodies-So theres no temptation around or me!...So tomorrow here I come...

Goal for next mondays weigh in : To be in the 14's!!

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