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I can't believe this has happened to me

My get up and go has got up and left. I'm on ss but I've started picking. I was doing so well with a weight loss according to my scales of 10lbs in 2wks (my weigh-ins are every 2wks) But after my first weigh-in according to my cdc's scales it said I lost only 7lbs.

He said that tho "7lbs" was good, he was expecting more, I did explain that I had just drank 2ltrs of water so the reading won't be accurate but he still put down that I'd only lost 7lbs. I was pleased with the 10lb weight loss but what my cdc said kept ringing in my ears, "that he expected more" Felt like I failed. I then had a girlie night in with my mates that evening and they ordered chinese, I didn't but I started picking at theirs, and I haven't stopped since. Now I just can't get motivated. I'm scared to jump on the scales because I know I've put on. I'm trying to get back into my "Zone" but it's just not happening somehow. I'm trying to think of all the things that motivated me inthe first place but nothings working.:cry:

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Hi hun I hope this helps I came off the CD last week for a week and I gained 4lb I started again Monday and already according to my scales I have lost 6lb which I'm pleased about but I know my scales will be diff to my CDC as I weigh myself in the morn before I drink anything and after going to the loo but by the time I get to my weigh in at 10am I will have had a litre of water and I norm have gained 2-3lb because of this. what time of day are you weighed by your CDC and What time of day do you weigh yourself?
Dont you dare feel down about your weight loss that is fantastic any weight loss is just start again tomorrow and stop beating yourself up its not the end of the world:)
Just because the CDC says its 7 lb, doesn't mean it is. All scales are different. I go to boots to check and use that for my ticker. On my own scales at home they vary half a stone depending on where i stand - ok they are rubbish I know.
The thing is, the weight has gone whichever measure of it you take. Why not use your scales to update your ticker on here?

So, you've picked at something - no biggy. Get back on the wagon and keep losing the weight.
You've done so well to get this far. Drink plenty of water and get back in the game.

Good luck


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SammySLIM...SammySLIM....SammySLIM (keep repeating!!!!)
I'm going to give you a bit of the 'tough-love' that I gave myself when I 'blew-out' on biscuits after a 1lb loss....you titled your post 'I can't believe this has happened to me'...WELL BELIEVE IT! It happened to me and many others (bare with me I wont keep being tough;))
Step away from the nibbly-bits and think....
1/You've got 2ish weeks to do better at the next weigh-in (although I must say 7lbs=3.5lbs a week which is on target!)
2/As you said you had just drunk 2ltrs of water...you know it, I know it, therefore you know the reason for your results (you won't do that again before weigh-in!)
3/'He expected more' look this is all about you...What do you expect/want/know? (remember what your scales said!)
4/"Scared to get on the scales" then don't!! Take it one day at a time and congratulate yourself at the end of each day when (not if!) you get back on on plan....STARTING FORM NOW!! (or tomorrow;))
5/Do your friends know you are CDing? If so get them on side and tell them what happened and how you were feeling....if I had been there I would have beat you over the head with a crispy pancake roll!!!!
6/ The 'zone' is wherever/whenever you want it to be....it's magic like that...summon it up...GO ON DO IT NOW!!!
Hope this has helped...you are normal....you are human....all you did was look for some comfort and you got it from the wrong source!

(hope I wasn't too tough:hug99:)
Thanks guys, I just was doing so well and I can't believe I let something like that set me off. I usually weigh myself first thing in the morning, i think I'll stick to what my scales say, as my cdc weighs me in the evenings when I've usually just finished drinking loads of water. I just want to get focused again.


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I agree with the above post. If your CDC was worth his salt the he should fully understand the reasoning for the gain. Don't bow down to him next WI, look him in the eye and say it was what you were expecting considering what you have eaten(cd) and drunk beforehand. It all weighs lbs, and just cos you've swallowed it, it doesn't weigh any less! My CDC changed from a morning weigh in to an evening one. I gained 4lb over the day, so I weiged on mine as soon as I got home and I weighed the same as heres. So now I go by my weight in the morning when I'm lighter!
Oh Prettyface - tough love? you brought tears to my eyes, and a smile to my lips. Everything you said is true, now I feel real stupid. Yea, you're right! so I slipped up, big deal! It's not the end of the world is it? I think I was waiting for "my Zone" to walk up and slap me in the face, but you did that just fine pretty! (thanks) lol. You are all just what the doctor ordered, sympathy and a big kick up the backside. I'm gonna re-start tomorrow, but I have to weigh myself before I re-start so I know exactly what damage I've done. So here goes for tomorrow. Guys you are just brilliant. Prettyface, you scare me!


S: 20st13lb C: 13st10lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(34.47%)
:rolleyes: SammySLIM....sometimes I scare myself......actually... buscuits scare me more;)!!!! (and staying fat...and spiders....and greasy monosodiumglutamate laden chinese food:p)
Oh...and less of the stupid stuff....Forrest Gump said it well "Stupid is as stupid does".....so stupid would be to continue picking!
Right....I'm off to save a kitten fro a tree....or something (up...up .. and away!)

Having a buzzy evening....did you notice!
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Hi Sammy
same thing happened to me, I was doing v well although my weight loss has been slow but I was 100%. a week before last, I lost nothing and started picking and it went on and on, to the point where I was chewing lot of food and spitting it out, like choc bars, muffins, whole packet of crisps, u name it, it got pretty bad as I got into the habbit of it and kept chewing etc. Then ate loads of chicken which I grilled thanks God.....anyway, this whole huge blip lasted untill yesterday, aint put anything ON so Thanks God again else it would even de-motivate me more, Today back to 100% but I had like 4 n a half packs to survive through the day....Back to gym aswell. Prettyface is right saying that this safe zone lies within us and all we have to do is, step in....
I have about 2 stones to loose to be where I want to be, One and a half to be BMI 25.
Goodluck , buddy up on this with me please xx


S: 20st13lb C: 13st10lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(34.47%)
That's the spirit....If you click on my username and look at some of my posts from last week/week before you will see the place I was in:eek:
Everyone here has been great and encouraging :gen126:
I think I am buzzing as well as I got back on the wagon and I have been 100% SS so mentally I am there and physically my ketosis buzz has kicked in:silly::silly::giggle::giggle::bliss::bliss:
Thanks s 786 gosh you were lucky not to have put anything on, I know I've definately put on, but with all the encouragment i've received I'm not gonna be put off by the amount i've put on. I'm starting back properly tomorrow, so I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again.


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You will do well-sounds like you can cope and just need that extra bit of encouragement-good luck! I want to be as focussed as you!

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