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i cant do it anymore


Silver Member
am on 1000plan and struggling so much. I am kicking myself everynioght, and tbh mentally i cant take it atm. i have minor op this week, plus have3 had hassles regarding hubbys respite care, kids school visits etc.

so am calling my CDC and calling it off for a fortnight, by which point my wound should have healed properly and i can get back on SS.

I will get back on ,i know restarting will be a PITA, but i cant carry on like this atm.
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Powdered Toast Man
Do what ever you feel you need to do babe!


Trying Hard!
Oh I am so sorry, I am on 1000 plan and am really enjoying it but if you are finding it all too much then do exactly what you need to do to get through the coming weeks and then you will be right on top form to get right back at it. good luck


Serial Foodie!
take the break and come back fresh and fighting fit! ur priorities r elsewhere right now and u need to take care of urself. xxxxxx


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Best of luck to you MD.
It seems you've got a lot on at the mo. Give yourself a rest from one of the pressures, you'll feel better for it.
All thinking of you.
Hi Misdee,

Sometimes we need to be kind to ourselves and alleviate some of the pressure we put ourselves under. At the moment you have sooo much to cope with it's no wonder you are struggling. A break from CD is exactly what you need to get your head around everything else. In a couple of weeks you'll be in a much better place and have your resolve back to do this. Massive hugs to you hun :hug99:


jelly belly
hey misdee
sounds like you are making the right decision
you do what you feel is right
dont be stranger on here keep posting as we`d like to know how you are getting along
you have done well so far and i`m sure when you are ready to start ss again you will do fine



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Hi Misdee, just to echo the sentiments of others. If your head isnt in the right place at the moment you will struggle. Go have your 2 weeks or 4 week or 6 weeks away from the diet, and come back when you are focused and ready.

good luck ! x
I agree - there's no point in banging your head against a brick wall. You relax and take care of business then have another go when things have settled a bit.


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