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I cant seem to do this diet anymore whats wrong with me?


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I am suddenly freaking out... I cant get back onto the diet!... How on earth did I do the past 12 weeks I dont know!...
I have been on SS+ for 12wks and Ive lost 3st 2lbs which Im thrilled about but I still have 4 more stone to lose.
But Im eating sandwiches and butter and bread and I will of put on this week I know it... Im finding it incredibly hard to stick to the diet anymore... its like my body has got a taste for carbs again and Im blowing it every day...
Im so annoyed but yet feel Oh what the hell.. life is short and I didnt cheat in 12 weeks... but I know I have 3-4 more to lose and im freaking out...
Just cant seem to do it!
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Maybe you just need a break. Why don't you take a break for a few days. Set a firm date of when you will re-start and start over. You can do this. You've been doing great so far.


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I agree with Anisah, I think have a break get your head back in the right place and then start again. There is definitely no point trying if your not in the frame of mind to stick to it :) Forget about the guilt just do what you need to, to get rid of this phase in your diet and start again when your ready xx


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Emma , hi there , yes I think its carbs that are making it hard for you ! You will return when your head is sorted out , well done on that weight loss , but don't let it creep back on , keep it stable ok , you need to return soon , cos next you will be saying HO NO ITS THE XMAS SOON , COME ON YOU CAN DO THIS !!!


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i agree with everyone else - you know you can do it, youve just gotta be strong and determined.

have a break and then re start with a passion!! xx
You have done really well do far and just think. Perhaps you could do one of the higher plans for a few weeks and come down gradually, getting used to not having as many carbs and then it might help you be ready for SS again.

As of next Thursday, there's 18 weeks left till Christmas, so imagine you could be at target by then and how wonderful that would feel! Maybe that would be something to keep you going - everytime you think you want something to eat, just think to yourself "no, I will not eat this, I am going to choose to be at my target weight for christmas - that is more important to me"

Good luck honey, you can do it x


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Hi Emma - I only agree with everyone else to a degree (apart from Bunny, cause I agree with that ). I think that a 'break' might cause you to regain some of what you have done so well to loose - then you will feel rotten! What about doing a carb free diet (Atkins type) for a week or 2 at the most then you might be able to get back into ketosis. It might be possible to maintain your weight until you feel a bit stronger. Hope you can get your head around this without blowing all your hard work!


Strong women stay slim
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I second that , Blimey , 18 weeks , and you know , the build up to xmas starts end of Oct .... Ouch .

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