I cant stop cheating! :(


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Hi everyone.

I am really struggling at the moment. I came off plan for Xmas and have been trying to get back on track ever since. Im quite good at sticking to CD in the week when I'm at work then it comes to the weekends and it just goes out the window! Also, I've been ill with an ear infection the past 2 days so just had to eat something normal to feel a bit better. Had a bit of curry and naan bread yesterday and a panini today :( I'm also not hardly drinking any water! I found it so easy when at started in November until Xmas so I don't know what's happened.

Can anyone give me any advice on how to get focused again? I've only lost 4lb in the last 4 weeks :(

*sorry its supposed to say STOP cheating and it won't let me change it on my stupid iPod!!!!!
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It's always hard to get restarted because the feelings we had when we first started have faded to a degree. We maybe don't feel the same self-hate, have the same self-esteem issues etc. I think the mistake many of us (myself included) make is just trying to pick up where we left off rather than re-assessing totally where we are now, what we want, how we feel etc... .in other words having that rigorously honest conversation with ourselves again.

The other thing that is hard to accept/face is that we have to be accountable for our own actions (and no.. i'm not trying to have a dig at any one posting today .. this is also something I am guilty of). We talk about cheating and falling off the wagon as if it is something that some outside force makes us do ... it just happens to us... the reality is we make the choice to eat. We .. at that particular moment... value what is in front of us rather than our longer term goal... we value instant gratification rather than delayed gratification. The more we give into this the more it re-enforces that behaviour pattern for the next time. This is a behaviour (a procrastination) that has been learned and therefore can be unlearned... and to do that we have to force ourselves to be aware in the moment and think through what is going on (I know I for one tend to be quite good at pushing "reality" down when I want to eat). We have to force ourselves to think what is really going on... think HALT.. are you really food Hungry or mouth Hungry? Are you Angry (aka hurt)? Are you Lonely? Are you Tired? In other words what is the gain from the instant gratification for you? Once you force yourself to be aware in the moment it is usually easier to choose to go for the delayed gratification and find some other way of meeting that need in a non-food way... get the gain in another way.

My CDC suggested I sit down and write out all my goals again, focus on short term ones (which are more "real" to us and therefore easier to delay gratification for) rather than long term ones... do all the exercises that help you get to the positive mental attitude again and then just take a deep breath and go for it :)

Good luck! I hope that has been of some help?

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i think a lot of us are really struggling since xmas. i've had a really hard few weeks and found that i was turning to cheese and nuts. i put on weight this week and i've decided that enough is enough and had a word with myself. i talked it over with my cdc and we've decided that another 3 weeks on 810 if i can do it to get my weight off. i told her that i was giving myself a week, not to loose the rest of my weight but to see if i can recover and focus again. i've given up my cheese addiction and so far i've been 100% for 2 days.

part of what my cdc said to me i think i've related to in a big way and i think that's the difference it's made to me sticking at it. what she said wasn't amazing but she had obviously had the focus to see it.

my mum's been in hospital since 20th dec with an infection in her left leg due to diabetic ulcers, she's been in loads of pain, on good hefty doses of morphine, out of it, not being able to tell if it's reality or dream, some of the text's i've had i just couldn't understand at all (i've deleted them as i do not want my mum seeing them and thinking of God what was i on, i think it would upset her too), and it's led to her having her left leg amputated below the knee.

so we've basically put xmas on hold (my birthday on hold - even though i personally had time off plan for this), we've still presents to open, the xmas dinner to have, the pudding in the cupboard etc. my cdc said that she think i'm still living xmas as we've not really had it and it's just continued into jan. this really made me think and i've really got my focus back over the past few days. i can say that it's not been easy. the cheese is calling and my dad's house is full of goodies related to xmas.

the point of all of this rambling is that you need to find your focus and find inside you why you are not wanting to stick to it now. setting yourself goals is good as is analysing what is going on in your head to stop you doing what you could do in november.