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I carried a watermelon !!!

Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by Poppysoxx, 30 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Poppysoxx

    Poppysoxx Member

    Hi there I think today is a good day to start a food/rant/weigh in/ diary I have 10 stone to lose and have falling into so many diets but luckily the downward spiral is still apparent but really love the fasting side of this plan.. I have a super supportive hubby and a lil 7 year old living at home have just reduced my shift significantly in work so have plenty of time to enjoy walking I have recently fallen in love with..I loosely follow S/W red days so thats basically me....

    My starting weight on Saturday was 20st9.5lb have lost just under 7 stone up until now and have always been fat so hopefully JUDDD will help me along the way I am working my way through diaries slowly for hidden tips and today is my first DD after quite a destructive weekend through upset at work etc and basically eating junk .... soooooooo .. I am aiming for 650 cals mon wed and fri..

    Break- was a S/W 60 cals bar and 200 ml 1 % milk for coffee through day..89 cals-149 cals.
    lunch-watermelon 355g + another 60 cals bar-167 cals.
    Dinner-warburton ham salad thins 250 cals.
    snack-50g from frais, frozen berries and strawberry smoothie. (will judge portions to fit cals)

    thats the plan.
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  3. Poppysoxx

    Poppysoxx Member

    Yesterday was a fab day !! today is an UD not going to go mad but don't really want to start the counting cals bit either x

    Breakfast- grapes, strawberries, some mini choc weetabix and ff from frais with a cuppa.

    Lunch- a chicken salad(been fancying a huge salad since saturday). also had an alpen light and a packet of frazzles

    Dinner- to be arranged around family later.

    Been having a read around forums and trying to distinguish if there is a massive difference in doing JUDDD or 5:2 weight loss wise as thats my main goal at the mo... still undecided tho, I don't find fasting hard work thankfully but don't really want to mess about trialling this that and the other either oooooo for a definitive answer lol xx
    Last edited: 1 July 2014
  4. KittyBling

    KittyBling Well-Known Member

    Hi, I've just seen this, welcome to fasting! I am doing every other day fasting, so up days and down days. I feel less deprived on UDs doing it this way instead of 5:2 and that keeps me on the straight and narrow (most of the time!) I find down days easy and the up days much harder!

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