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I could eat a scabby dog

Good luck chicken - you can do this!!

Oh and ew to the scabby dog comment! :p


I will be skinny again!!!
You can do it Debbie!!!

Dont be thinking about that scabby dog or sarnies lol!!!

Watch this programme about Elvis.. its pretty good!!
That's what we're here for!! :D


Life is not a Rehersal!
You resisted, which just shows you can do it :)

Keep jumping on here......it was a life saver for me last time and I am sure it will be this time around!

And, yes the Elvis program is good!! Oh, what a singer!!!!

PLUS, you have a goal for your 50th!! Go for it and just keep that date in mind...40lbs..waw...I am sure you will not be recognised at your birthday...keep that in mind too! The new dress, etc!!

Have a good week.
this is my 5th day on lipotrim an the 1st few days are so hard. my stomach was killin an i felt sick cuz i was so hungry. i still think about food a lot and am a little hungry still. jus stick wiv it an think of the results xx
Hi Debbie
Don't worry - you'll get a great loss this week and by then you'll be in ketosis so won't feel anywhere near so hungry.
In my first few weeks I dreamed about food most nights, and used to wake up feeling guilty because in my dreams I usually gave in. It's amazing how bad I felt even though I knew it was a dream. I think it helped though because I haven't cheated at all so far. The dreams stopped after about 3 or 4 weeks.
You've chosen a great diet - I'm assuming you've not done it before. It has completely changed my life and I get passionate about it, but if you stick to the rules exactly (and they are very easy) you will lose your weight in no time.

Best of luck Debbie - and let us know how you get on.

dunlop73 im joining that club.. ive been dreaming about food too and i always give in.. and when i wake up im so confused for a minute because i think it real..until i realise im amazing and havent given it yet lol..lets hope it stays this way minus the dreams..i could really do without them!
Glad I'm not the only one ;-)
I don't dream about food now thank goodness - it used to really disorientate me.


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