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i did it, im now a weight watchers member

well done for going to class. you can do it.

if it makes you feel any better, i have in total to lose roughly the same - i started at 239 so a little heavier than you, and i'm aiming for 154, which is 6 stone 2 lbs in total x


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thank you for your reply. the leader said not to worry about where i end up as long as i just start working towards the smaller goals. im going shopping tomorrow as its our regular shopping day so ill be very carefully looking. i got one of the calculators to make it easier to calculate the points.
good choice - you can do anything with the calculator :)
welcome and good luck. dont look at the big pitcure, but break it down into smaller chunks-say half stones, seems much less daunting then.
Happy shopping!!!
:) good luck on your journey to weightloss, set yourself small goals and as momma B says it seems less daunting in smaller chunks.well done on taking the first step it will only get easier from now on.:)


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Morning, and well done for going to class :) it does seem daunting at first but everyone is lovely :) ... the calculators are great ive got one and couldnt be without it now! ..
Enjoy your shopping :)


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Welcome! I have even more to lose, but never look at that ... my next goal is to get to 2 stone loss :)

Keep posting on here - it really helps!

day one over. i was very surprised to find that i actually struggled to eat all the points, but as we had been told me must eat them all i have done.

shopping was a bit longer than normal because the two of us were looking at everything we bought with our calculators. when i got home i got out a black marker pen and wrote the points value of everything on the packet so its easy to remember.


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Well done Meena on getting your first day on WW done!

Love Mini xxx
well done on walking through the doors .and you have your mum for support like the others say take small steps the leader will support you with this my 1st goal is to get the 1st silver 7 ,then the 5%
Its my 2nd wk in my leader and group are great& very supportive so is this ww section on minimins
thank you. the end of day three and ive been very very good. i have managed on the first two days to eat all my points but wasnt able to manage them all today, i was two down, but it says you can save up to four points a day so ill maybe have a treat another day to use them up.

mum has said shes found it not too bad, she has less to loose than me so has less points but for some strange reason has also managed to not eat all hers.

i guess only time will tell and well know on thursday how our first week went.
me and my mum are the same she has less points than me yet still m anages to save some lol.hope your ok and good luck you should have a good loss this week.
getting very nervous this morning about my first week weighing tonight. ive managed to stick to my points every day so i know if ive done it right ill have lost something tonight.

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