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i did something i shouldnt have


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weight myself mid week :( - even tho ive had a great week i weight myself and says put on 3.5 lbs :(:(:mad: - i had bad week last week (birthday meal x2 and cake) - is it possible to show this week? just trying to think positive and eat good til monday and will find out then
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Andy R.

Time for a change
start a fresh in the morning and put it behind you, we all have bad moments now and again. just focus on sticking to plan, and you'll be fine :)
ooops !!!! bet its was great!!! well don't beat yourself up. Think of it as a break from SW and get back on the wagon and don't think about it. The positive thing is that you know what you have done and you are willing to something about. For that well done !!!

Tomorrow is always another day !!!

Phil x
How many times do you see posts on here telling people not to weigh themselves inbetween official weighin. Weight fluctuates day to day and hour to hour. Just forget about it, get weighed at you class and take it from there hun. If you follow the plan and maybe do more super speed foods you could pull back some of the celebrating you've done or at least aim for damage limitation. Good luck x


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Just continue to stick to the plan and don't worry about it. I weighed myself last night and it was saying a 3 pound gain and I could have cried but when I weighed myself this morning 5 pounds were off which is a 2 pound loss. My scales match the ones in class but I really should try and keep off them- it's an unhealthy obsession although I think I'm hoping one of these days I'l step on them and have magically achieved my goal weight!!!


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The moral of the story is,,,,,,, DON'T weigh yourself at home! Get rid of the scales! By the time you get to class it will have sorted itself out! The scales at SW are the only ones that matter!


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i am obsessed with weighing myself, i do it morning and evening :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: i get to the point where i say i'm not gonna do it and then go back to the bathroom later and do it anyway.... really wish i could just throw them out!!!
I know my weight seems to be a week behind. Sometimes if I have had a bad week it does not show up till a week later. I think our bodies all process things differently :)

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