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I dont know if I can do this anymore!

I cannot believe how hard I am finding this. I have been going to the gym every single day... but i cannot get food out of my mind. I am cheating on the silliest of things just for the hell of tasting something! I just want to eat all the time, I feel like im going psycho because of how much I want food... and Ive ruined everything.. I keep cheating! Im trying so hard to focus on other things. my main motivation was my wedding but now even that isnt keeping me from cheating.

I just dont know what im doing. :(
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Oh hun, don't give up hope...you've come so far!!! An inspiration to many 'lurkers' such as me on these boards. Not gonna give u a lecture but best I can do is remind you to get back to the beginning and take one day at a time, each day is possibly .5lb off - closer to your goal. All the best, Rach x


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Hun! Hang in there till next weigh in and see how you feel then. I think your doing great. I hear ya though! But maybe it is just a bad patch that you need to work through. Try on clothes that you wore when you started this and see how far you have come. Just think about your wedding and how amazing you will feel!


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Aww don't give up babes! you are one of the most inspiring people on minimins I've seen!.

I think about food 24/7, literally! I'm sure many others on here do. You are doing so well, don't throw away all your hard work.

When you've reached target, all those foods that you know and love will still be there.

Take photo's of yourself and compare them to your old ones, this really helped motivate me to carry on. I know you can do it!



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Heyaaaaa maybe it's because you're going to the gym everyday...might be your body wanting more cals because you're burning up your 450 xxx


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Only you can decide to do it or not.. If you're looking for a reason don't look at your wedding, look at your health.. we all want to be alive for as long as possible. do it for that


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Heyaaaaa maybe it's because you're going to the gym everyday...might be your body wanting more cals because you're burning up your 450 xxx
I think this is a very good point. I went to the gym today and when I looked at the calories I burned...I had burned more then my daily calories....so if you do that daily, you will be feel like you need to eat....not sure what the answer is though as I would never encourage someone to stop going to the gym. Speak to the pharmacist hun and see what they say.


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You've done so well already, don't forget that. Look at the bigger picture... would a week off (eating sensibly) or uping a plan really destroy everything? Maybe giving yourself a break and not tourchering yourself everyday is what you need. Then you can come back fresh faced. Take a deep breath, what would you say to a friend that said this to you? Then do that. Congratulations on coming sooo far, you are an inspiration to me already.


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Oi missy!!
Hang on in there and keep at it!
You are almost 1/3rd into it - dont give it up now - think of how amazing your guna look at your wedding!! :)

You know you have done wrong by eating but whats done is done - you cant change it. Dont dwell on it and pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get straight back on the LT train. You can do this - determination is the key :)
awwww guys thank you so much for all your support. Yes I really have been feeling like a miserable git and its just cos throughout the entire diet I havent been able to think about food and its a constant battle with me telling my belly that "no you are not getting food"

That is a good point about the gym, but I have been feeling like this forever! I only started gym last week and I feel its been a turning point because it takes my mind off things. Ive had a long hard think about everything and I know that no matter what I could not and would not give up. This diet is the only thing that has worked for me so far and fair enough its making me into a food psycho but the pounds are disappearing.

Thank you to everyone who said I was an inspiration to them. that means alot to me. Ive tried really hard on this diet and have been so determined but I guess there comes a time when we all feel down :(
I have been really depressed lately because my hair is falling out. Alot! Its gone very thin and limp. I had amazing hair before, everyone loved my hair before but now its just gone disgusting and I just keep it tied because I have had enough of people telling me that my hair looks so thin!

I want to carry on. I will carry on. Im gonna take it a day at a time and just get back on track. I dont have time to take a break and wait till I feel better about myself because I really dont know when that will happen.

Another thing I noticed was that I have been feeling like this more recently because I havent been coming online much and this place has always been my lifeline. whenever I have felt like I might cheat Ive just logged on. Ive just been so busy with things but until I get my head straight Im gonna be glued to this place :)

On a happier note, I went into town today just to figure out what size I am now.. and I am an 18 on top... and a 20 bottom!!! I used to be a size 24 bottom and 22 top before :) so Im clinging to that thought every time I feel like I wanna cheat.

Sorry wont bore you all anymore but thank you so so much for all your support, means alot to me xxx
hey hun,

try and stick to it - its sooooo worth it :) Trust me i obsess about food so much that i even dream about eating! I have had 2 rotten colds - am off work today and feel like death warmed up - BUT when i saw my rellies in Ireland they were really impressed with the weightloss - things like that keep me going!

You have done brilliantly and just think you don't want to be big bride.....you wanna be the star on your big day :)


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It's good to have ya back babes and wow! you've gone down all those sizes!? that is awesome.

I know things get tough, but look at the results, you really can do it :D
Hiya FTB I can sympatise with you, I am really fed up with this after 26wks so had a chat with my chemist who suggested doing 2 shakes and a low fat high protein meal, have been doing this for a week now and going for 1st wi on fri and I feel so much happier

Have a chat with your chemist and see what they suggest

All the best
Hiya FTB I can sympatise with you, I am really fed up with this after 26wks so had a chat with my chemist who suggested doing 2 shakes and a low fat high protein meal, have been doing this for a week now and going for 1st wi on fri and I feel so much happier

Have a chat with your chemist and see what they suggest

All the best
great advice FR!

LT is hard long term, after 10 weeks i have had enough myself - being ill and getting totm on LT is hideous.
You've done great so far - just want to echo Rachieroo's point. i lurked for a good week or so before i joined here and started LT last week.

So many people here - like you - are an inspiration, that's the truth.

Best of luck, I really hope your determination and hard work so far keeps pushing you through.


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hi ftb, all i can say is u have been one of my main inspirations since starting LT!!! pleeeeze stay positive u have done so well so far it really would be such a shame for u to stop now....keep ya chin up babe u can do it !! good luck!! x


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Hey FTB, I hope you are feeling a little better today. This diet does make you play mind games with yourself. The fact that you have a little nibble (oo er misses) on the odd occasion tricks your brain into wanting food. It's breaking the habit that is tricky, especially when you have been on the lipotrim for a while, and then nibble because then the brain thinks oo lovely whens the next lot coming. I hope that makes sense, I know what I'm trying to say ;).
Hairloss is very depressing in itself. I did Lipotrim last year for 16 weeks and lost 4 stone. I then re-fed for my holiday and had servere hairloss.So much so that I was adviced to stop and let my body recover before starting again(which I have done). My hair is growing back (relief:)). I have ordered some supplements this time around and am waiting for the delivery. I hope they work. I found them by searching hairloss on this forum. THIS SERVERE HAIRLOSS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO EVERYONE so I don't want to alarm anyone. Slight hairloss is more common.
Talk to the chemist and see what they suggest. I hope you find your way hun.:D


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FBTB you are utterly gorgeous and you will be even more so when your slinking around in your size 12's (actually not sure what size you want to be, but anyway..).

You have worked so hard and the difference in your photos ia already amazing. I really hope you decide to carry on.

Maybe it would be worth checking out CD not only for the variety (the option of a bar thats edible - unlike the LT flapjack - might ease the craving to eat) but also to have a CDC to sit down with and maybe SS+ on weeks that are really tough. I think they do an SS+ week every 13 weeks anyway?

Do what's best for you, just make sure you don't have any regrets. Remember we'll be here to offer support no matter what you decide.

Hopefully you are feeling better today. Just think of what made you come onto TFR in the first place and hopefully your motivation will come back.

You have done brilliantly so far and you can overcome these feelings and become the slimmer bride that you want to be. Come on hun, chin up, glug that water and stick to those shakes.


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It's all been said so all I can offer are some ***hugs*** xx

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